BRICS countries to set up their own IMF

Is the US simply too dumbed down to see how fast it's all coming apart. When they are told to shove their veto, and shove the Fed, what then?

This will lead to a major departure from the dollar and the the grasp of the West as the BRICS move forward to advance their agendas to an audience, no doubt, receptive to what they might say. This is much closer to reality than people realize.

The BRICS countries have already agreed on the amount of authorized capital for the new institutions: $100 billion each. 
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  • Very soon, the IMF will cease to be the world's only organization capable of rendering international financial assistance. The BRICS countries are setting up alternative institutions, including a currency reserve pool and a development bank.

Russia Beyond the Headlines
By Olga Samofalova
14 April 2014

The BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have made significant progress in setting up structures that would serve as an alternative to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, which are dominated by the U.S. and the EU. A currency reserve pool, as a replacement for the IMF, and a BRICS development bank, as a replacement for the World Bank, will begin operating as soon as in 2015, Russian Ambassador at Large Vadim Lukov has said.

Brazil has already drafted a charter for the BRICS Development Bank, while Russia is drawing up intergovernmental agreements on setting the bank up, he added.

In addition, the BRICS countries have already agreed on the amount of authorized capital for the new institutions: $100 billion each. "Talks are under way on the distribution of the initial capital of $50 billion between the partners and on the location for the headquarters of the bank. Each of the BRICS countries has expressed a considerable interest in having the headquarters on its territory," Lukov said.

It is expected that contributions to the currency reserve pool will be as follows: China, $41 billion; Brazil, India, and Russia, $18 billion each; and South Africa, $5 billion. The amount of the contributions reflects the size of the countries' economies.

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Infants 'unable to use toy building blocks' due to iPad addiction

Yep, these are the future Senators.

Sad to see, being a computer geek is not for the mass population. Learning how to interact with people and to build things are necessary, otherwise in 20 years we will see a new kind of social problem. Life is about balance.

Parents should turn home wi-fi off overnight to stop children playing online games on iPads    Photo: Alamy

  • The Association of Teachers and Lecturers warn that rising numbers of children are unable to perform simple tasks such as using building blocks because of overexposure to iPads

The Telegraph
By Graeme Paton
15 April 2014

Rising numbers of infants lack the motor skills needed to play with building blocks because of an “addiction” to tablet computers and smartphones, according to teachers.

Many children aged just three or four can “swipe a screen” but have little or no dexterity in their fingers after spending hours glued to iPads, it was claimed.

Members of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers also warned how some older children were unable to complete traditional pen and paper exams because their memory had been eroded by overexposure to screen-based technology.

They called on parents to crackdown on tablet computer use and even turn off wi-fi at night to address the problem.

The comments were made after Ofcom figures showed the proportion of households with tablet computers more than doubled from 20 to 51 per cent last year.

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Report: Separatists in east Ukraine town of Donetsk order Jews to register

Dont miss this, they are lining up the Jews as the old Nazis did. This can get nasty, can't we all work together to save these poor people in need, and swap them for the Cabal Zionists instead, adding Soros and Greenspan to the mix?

The nationalists are at work. Old resentments are being fanned. So sad, a disaster in the making.

  • Measure due to the alleged support of Jews for Kiev and their hostility "to the Orthodox Donetsk republic and its citizens."

16 April 2014

A notice ordering all Jews in the eastern Ukraine city of Donetsk to register with the pro-Russian separatists or face deportation has been pasted near the local synagogue, according to the Novosti Donbassa news agency.

According to the report, the notice was distributed by "three unidentified men wearing balaclavas and carrying the flag of the Russian Federation." The notice was reported by members of the Jewish community of Donetsk.

Novosti Donbassa speculated that the men involved were provocateurs who "tried to provoke a conflict, then to blame the attack on separatists."

The notice apparently bore the stamps of the self-proclaimed People's Republic of Donetsk and was signed by its self-styled people's governor Denis Pushilin.

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China’s Ticking Debt Bomb

Lower economic activity affects everyone. China is also built on debt which could implode, what then?

Knowledge @ Wharton
16 April 2014

Last month, China witnessed an historic moment — but not one that’s an obvious cause for celebration. When it failed to meet interest payments on its bonds, Shanghai Chaori Solar Energy became China’s first domestic corporate bond default. Soon after, Shanxi Haixin Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., defaulted on bank loans. The defaults should not have come as a surprise, since both companies operate in industries suffering from overcapacity. But in a country where the government often steps in to keep economic enterprises in key sectors afloat, the defaults signaled a change in direction. Premier Li Keqiang said during a March press conference that other defaults are “unavoidable.”

Amid predictions that China’s GDP growth rate will slow to 7.5% this year (also the government’s official target rate), Morgan Stanley suggests in a recent report that China will soon be meeting its “Minsky Moment,” or a “disorderly unwind” of private sector and local government debt. High rates of investment, fueled by borrowing, stand now at more than 45% of GDP and contributed 80% of China’s growth over the last 10 years, according to the World Bank. But as those investments grow, the return on them is declining — taking four renminbi of investment to produce 1 RMB of GDP today, compared to a 1:1 ratio in the early 2000s, according to Morgan Stanley. As it becomes harder for borrowers to make money to pay back their loans, Morgan Stanley predicts that China’s GDP growth could slow to 4% in two years, dampening global economic growth enough “to cause a global earnings recession.”

By the Minsky Moment, Morgan Stanley refers to economist Hyman Minsky’s framework identifying three scenarios for an economy: Hedge finance, where borrowers have enough cash flow to pay both interest and principal on their debt; speculative finance, where borrowers have the cash flow to pay only interest and must rollover their debt; and Ponzi finance, where borrowers can’t pay interest or principal and must borrow more or sell assets just to pay interest. The Minsky Moment comes when borrowers can no longer roll over their loans or borrow to pay their interest — often occurring at the same time as the central bank is tightening credit to combat inflationary pressures.

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Wanta Tax obligation upon release | also I need your signature

Leo is trying to do his bit for Americans.

Just a thought, if our United Congress would take a little time to allow me - An American Private Citizen - formerly of Appleton, Wisconsin, USA - to actually pay to our United States Department of the Treasury - WSHDC - the United States District Court Memorandum in the Eastern District of Virginia [Richmond, Virginia]; 

CASE No. 02-1363-A

The civil income tax amount agreed upon of : -

 USDollars 1,575,000,000.00 in

Then, OUR GREAT NATION - AMERICA would truly consider supporting the current Political Groupings, inter alia.

Thanks for your re-consideration..
Behold the wood of the Cross, on which hung the Savior of the world.

Good Friday Liturgy

DUTY, HONOR and COUNTRY -  w Calm and American Courage Forever and a Day

Ambassador Leo E Wanta
The Principality of Snake Hill
Office of Central Bank Chairman
Country Codes :  QS    QSH    923 

From: Reid Ribble <>
To: Ambassador Lee Wanta <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2014 11:03 AM
Subject: I need your signature

Please ask your friends and family to sign the petition that gets me on the ballot!

Reid Ribble for Congress

Ambassador Lee,

I need 2,000 signatures to get on the ballot this fall. Will you help?

It’s easy and won’t take long. All you have to do is:
  1. Download the form here
  2. Ask 5 or more friends and family who live in the 8th District to fill out their names and information on the form. No nicknames or P.O. Boxes, please. And make sure it’s legible.
  3. Sign and date the “Certification of Circulator” section at the bottom
  4. Mail the original copy to: Ribble for Congress, PO Box 7200, Appleton, WI 54912
Forms must be received by May 25 (Postmarks don’t count). But the earlier you send it in, the better!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email our campaign at

With your help, we’ll keep Wisconsin red in November!

Thanks for all you do,

Reid Ribble

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Paid for by Ribble for Congress | P.O. Box 7200 | Appleton | WI | 54912

“Uncreative” Destruction: The Troika’s Hostile Takeover of Europe

All the more reason for the UK to get the hell out of this EU Cluster F .

Quite a shock to see how Europe is being destroyed and the cost to borne by future generations.

"With a report just out by Save the Children that 28 percent of European children (in particular those living in countries subject to the Troika’s bail-out regimes) are now at risk of poverty and social exclusion, time is of the utmost essence. If the people of Europe want to safeguard European democracy from the Troika’s whirlwind of “uncreative” destruction, they will have to act soon."

Testosterone Pit
By Don Quijones
15 April 2014

After four long years of “service”, the Troika’s frontline role in sustaining and exacerbating crisis conditions in Southern Europe is finally beginning to attract some of the attention it deserves. In my home city of Barcelona, a coalition of left-wing groups recently held an event to raise awareness about the Troika’s “neo-liberalisation” of Southern Europe. Even Europe’s shoe-shine institution, the European Parliament, has promised to launch an enquiry into the Troika’s operations after the European elections in May.

Since its inception at the beginning of Europe’s sovereign debt crisis, the unholy alliance between the IMF, the European Central Bank and the European Commission has visited untold damage on the economies and societies of a long and fast-growing list of countries.

A Three-Pronged Attack

In many ways, the conditions set by the Troika in the EU bail-out economies resemble those that a conquering army might impose on a country it occupies. The government of Greece, for example, has been reduced to mere vassal status as the country’s welfare state and public services are stripped to the bone by corporate vultures.

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Whose running scared? When will 50 Governors stand up and say no more to this Kenyan Putz?

The Daily Sheeple
16 April 2014

As if the Obama administration’s purchase of more than 2 billion rounds of ammunition, and nearly 3,000 urban tanks, along with their unprecedented (and highly illegal) domestic spyingprogram was not enough to convince you that the federal government is about to suspend the Constitution once and for all, the man who once vowed to run “the most transparent administration in history” has just rather inexplicably, ordered the U.S. Army to seize every Apache attack helicopter currently in use by the National Guard.

In all, the Defense Department will confiscate 192 Apaches from National Guard units around the country and give them to the active duty Army.

In exchange for the heavily armed and highly maneuverable choppers, Guard units will receive 111 UH-60 Blackhawk transport helicopters from the Army, Defense One reports.

Last week, U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee, claiming that the measure will save taxpayers $12 billion, over the next three years.

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The Terrifying Implications of the IRS Abuse-DOJ Connection

When Free Speech dies, so does hope and civilization.

Thanks to RDS for submitting.

PJ Media
By Brian Preston
16 April 2014

Thank God for Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration J. Russell George. His investigation of what turned out to be the IRS abuse scandal may well have saved the Constitution and the nation.

For his fair and impartial investigation into the Internal Revenue Service’s abuse of Americans who dissent from President Obama’s agenda, Democrats have called for an investigation of him. George should not be investigated, but perhaps the Democrats who want him investigated — Reps. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) and Matt Cartwright (D-PA) — should be. Their call for an investigation of the investigator might constitute interference with the ongoing investigation of the IRS abuse scandal. That would be obstruction of justice, in what may turn out to be the most widespread and damaging scandal in American history.

The implications of today’s email disclosure are stunning and terrifying.

Lois Lerner intended to use her position atop the IRS’ tax exempt approval office to coordinate the prosecution of political speech. The Department of Justice under Attorney General Eric Holder had at least tentatively bought into that. The Federal Elections Commission was being roped in as well. Lerner’s emails prove that beyond doubt.

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