David Cameron 'fostering alienation and division' by calling Britain a 'Christian country'

Damned RIGHT, Cameron is RIGHT to stand up and defend the last of the UK's liberties and standing. Its called LEADERSHIP.

Those who don't like it know where the Airports are so go now - with all our blessings.

America is a Christian principles country. Raise the bar and barriers!

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  • An open letter signed by prominent public figures has condemned the PM

The Independent
By James Vincent
21 April 2014

An alliance of public figures including scientists, novelists and politicians have accused David Cameron of ‘fostering division’ within the UK by claiming that Britain is still a “Christian country”.

In an open letter the authors note that while they respect the Prime Minister’s right to religious beliefs as well as the fact that these will “necessarily affect his own life as a politician”, they believe that his characterization will have “negative consequences for politics and society”.

“Apart from in the narrow constitutional sense that we continue to have an established Church, Britain is not a “Christian country”,” write the authors in the letter published in the Daily Telegraph. “Repeated surveys, polls and studies show that most of us as individuals are not Christian in our beliefs or our religious identities.

“At a social level, Britain has been shaped for the better by many pre-Christian, non-Christian, and post-Christian forces. We are a plural society with citizens with a range of perspectives, and we are a largely non-religious society.”

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This Means War: US To Target Putin's Personal $40 Billion Stash

Hah, how about they target the Cabal crooks first? This will just accelerate the Russians, Chinese, BRICS nations and EU cutting the US out and down to size.

Zero Hedge
By Tyler Durden
20 April 2014

While the White House has continually threatened further sanctions against Russia for non-de-escalation (even as it un-de-escalates itself), the specifics of the additional sanctions have been sparse. German CEO warnings over blowback from economic sanctions... the "nonsense" of replacing Russian gas with US gas... the Russian warnings of "interdependence" and "boomerangs"... all reduce the West's arsenal of financial sanctions. But, as The Times of London reports, perhaps the US has found a crucial pain point for Putin - a sanctions regime that would target Putin's personal wealth, which includes a reported $40 billion stashed in Swiss bank accounts.

As The Hill reports,

The White House on Friday refused to comment on reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin's personal wealth could be targeted if the West were to move ahead with additional sanctions over Ukraine.

"I'm not going to get into foreshadowing particular individuals or entities that the United States may target," national security adviser Susan Rice told reporters at the White House. "But let me just say we've been clear that there are additional individuals, officials, close associates of senior leadership, oligarchs and those entities that they are associated with that remain very much potential targets of additional sanctions."

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US, And Global, Military Spending Summed Up In One Chart

America is bankrupt beyond infinity. The Clown in the White House cut budgets by less than 1%. What a buffoon.

A bunch of Military spending is choking America with no money coming in to afford it.


The Biggest enemy to the US economy IS THE DAMNED MILITARY!

Zero Hedge
By Tyler Durden
19 April 2014

While we previously noted the relative stability (but absolute surge) in US military spending over the past few decades, the scale of what the world's peace-keeping, red-line enforcing, hypocrisy-packed nation spends in context to the rest of the world...

We previously put the US military budget in context over time...

And unless we get some serious military conflict to blame a reflation on, and if U.S. military spending were to revert to its 2000 level over the next five years, as President Obama had proposed, and the rest of the world were to continue spending the same portion of its GDP on the military, U.S. military spending as a share of the global total would decline sharply, to just under 30 percent.

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Turkey vulnerable to rising Russian power in the Black Sea

Turkey got suckered into become a US clone and could pay badly if not waking up.

PRO-RUSSIAN GUNMEN walk past the mayor’s office in Donetsk, Ukraine, on Wednesday. Photo: REUTERS

The Jerusalem Post
By Michael Tanchum
19 April 2014

With the annexation of Crimea, Turkey faces a stronger and bolder Russian naval power in the Black Sea. A resurgent Russia may be tempted to exploit its temporary naval dominance to alter current Black Sea energy exploitation and transportation arrangements more in its favor and to the detriment of Turkey and its partners in the Caucasus. The politically motivated stoppage of Turkey’s National Warship Project’s production schedule has created a window of vulnerability in Turkey’s Black Sea naval defenses in the face of rapidly rising Russian naval power.


The $3 billion “National Warship” Project, known by its Turkish abbreviation MILGEM, seeks to upgrade the Turkish fleet by replacing and augmenting its older foreign-made warships with eight domestically produced Ada-class anti-submarine warfare corvettes and subsequently four intermediate-class TF 100 frigates. After gaining experience from the building of the slightly larger but more lethal TF 100 anti-air warfare frigates, Turkey then intends to build a series of TF 2000 frigates. Double the size of the TF 100, the TF 2000 anti-air warfare frigate will significantly advance the Turkish fleet’s transformation into a blue-water navy.

Aside from being an intermediate phase for the development of the TF 2000, the TF 100 frigates are of present vital importance as replacements for the German-made Meko 200 frigates that form an essential component of Turkey’s force projection in the Black Sea. The TF 100 frigates will be the first Turkish vessels to carry the American-manufactured RIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) system capable of countering the current generation of supersonic anti-ship missiles.

Prior to Russia’s annexation of Crimea, the head of Turkey’s Undersecretariat of Defense Industries Murat Bayar publicly acknowledged the need to replace the Meko 200 frigates with the ESSM-equipped TF 100s by 2020.

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US caught in own web of lies

Reality expressed. It raises why the LIES continue towards Russia, Iran, Syria and any others caught up defying US Hegemony. When will the world say enough? When will the Evil Empire fold?

America has become a prisoner of its own lies, writes Gordon Duff.

Press TV
By Gordon Duff
17 April 2014

America has found itself in an untenable situation in the Ukraine. As the second day of military incursions by the coup backed Kiev government proceed in the East, the Obama administration has begun to realize that it has been “blindsided.”

A presidential candidate is beaten in the streets by neo-Nazi thugs and nothing is done. A government responsible for murdering over 100 of the protestors that backed their takeover is now moving military forces across their country to attack the “babushkas resistance,” the heart of the resistance to the Kiev cabal, led by Russian speaking grandmothers.

The US position is clearly unsound and if violence unfolds as Kiev intends despite stories of its forces switching sides, the Obama administration will be severely weakened.

With that weakening, the settlements with Syria and Iran may well fail.

The situation in Ukraine may well have been orchestrated, not to weaken Russia but to enfeeble the United States. With the empty talk about sanctions and moves against Russia, something else is going on. This is a conspiracy.

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Wheat rust: The fungal disease that threatens to destroy the world crop

A real threat to peace. Really? And not to those 40 inch plus US waist lines? So, it affects the Burger guts? No bad thing.

  • Experts in Europe and Africa are racing to develop resistant grain varieties as university researchers predict the likely spread across continents of the air-borne spores of the fungus

The Independent
By Christy Chamy
20 April 2014

Scientists are warning that wheat is facing a serious threat from a fungal disease that could wipe out the world’s crop if not quickly contained. Wheat rust, a devastating disease known as the “polio of agriculture”, has spread from Africa to South and Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe, with calamitous losses for the world’s second most important grain crop, after rice. There is mounting concern at the dangers posed to global food security.

Experts have been aware of the threat since a major epidemic swept across North America’s wheat belt in the 1950s, destroying up to 40 per cent of the crop. Since then, tens of millions of pounds have been invested in developing rust-resistant varieties of the grain. However, an outbreak in Uganda in 1999 was discovered to have been caused by a virulent mutation of the fungus. There has been alarm at the speed at which further mutations have subsequently developed and spread across continents.

Plant scientists in Britain estimate the latest developments mean that 90 per cent of all current African wheat varieties are now vulnerable to the disease.

Last year, Germany witnessed its first outbreak of stem rust in more than 50 years. The outbreak was spurred by “a period of unusually high temperatures and an unusually late development of the wheat crop due to cold spring and early summer temperatures”, explained Kerstin Flath, of Germany’s Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants.

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Military intervention in Ukraine risks spiralling into 'all-out war' with Russia

Will England stand aside as it did with Syria? Damned right it will, because unlike the US Senate, British MPs will shout down the PM and vote against. Britain will not lap dog this Criminal charade.

A man holds a Russian flag on the roof of the naval headquarters in Sevastopol

By Sean Rayment
20 April 2014

Spy chiefs have warned that any British or Western military action in Ukraine risks spiralling into an all-out war with Russia, reports the Sunday People.

The head of MI6, known as C, is understood to have told Prime Minster David Cameron that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not “stand idly by” if the West sends troops to support the Ukrainian government.

One senior source said: “The basic message is that it’s not worth starting World War Three over Ukraine.”

Nato chiefs are considering options ranging from economic sanctions against Russia to ­offers of military assistance.

But MI6 agents and Defence Intelligence Staff on the ground warn that the crisis could turn into a violent civil war with much of eastern Ukraine ­declaring independence and effectively joining Russia.

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Geneva cover for US warpath on Russia

Washington's meddling towards Russia will continue until he nukes the damned place.

Armed pro-Russia protesters on Sunday guard a police building seized by separatists in Slavyansk, Ukraine.

Press TV
By Finian Cunningham
20 April 2014

The Geneva deal signed at the end of last week by the US and Russia to de-escalate tensions in Ukraine is being used by Washington as a cover for inciting more conflict with Moscow.

The ostensible purpose of "de-escalating conflict" is but a cynical misnomer. Washington intends to continue its long-term strategic encirclement of Russia and military aggression.

In signing the document in Geneva last Thursday, Russia no doubt did so in good faith with the objective of calming the unrest in Ukraine and trying to engage US-led NATO forces in a constructive dialogue.

But Moscow may have made a fatal error. The Geneva summit called by the US was attended by Russia, the European Union and a delegation from the NATO-backed junta in Kiev, which seized power illegally from the elected authorities back in February.

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A promiscuous mother and the childhood taunts that turned Cyril Smith into a twisted predator

Because this foul crock pit of abusers are STILL being protected from immediate prosecution by the week, while the devious British Deputy PM coalition leader will not expose his Liberal party, we will slam it our again to name and shame the whole dirty, disgusting lot of them. They ALL need to be named and brought to justice now. Step Up Nick Clegg or Quit! The lot need Jailing now! No excuse for vermin.

  • Cyril Smith grew up in the Depression in Rochdale, Greater Manchester
  • Local shops refused to serve him or his siblings as they were 'illegitimate'
  • He was bullied at grammar school for his weight - 12 stone at 12-years-old
  • Smith pursued politics and power so he could no longer be rejected
  • When he was elected mayor, he made his mother Eva his Lady Mayoress
  • She was known to pinch the backsides of young Liberals even in her 70s

Mail Online
By Simon Danczuk
16 April 2014

His revelations have shocked Britain and shamed our political elite. All this week, Labour MP Simon Danczuk has laid bare the hideous wholesale child abuse of Liberal MP Cyril Smith — and how politicians, the police and even MI5 conspired to cover it up.

Now, in the concluding part of our devastating series, he reveals how being illegitimate and overweight saw Smith ostracised as a child — and helped turn him into a twisted predator.

Hunger was an everyday part of Cyril Smith’s childhood. He grew up in the Depression years in a one-up, one-down house in Rochdale with his grandmother, mother, younger brother Norman and older sister Eunice.

Food consisted of dripping on bread, a single egg shared between three people, potato hash and penny bags of stale cakes. The family were so poor that sometimes they had to burn bits of their own furniture to cook a meal.

Their poverty, while tough, was not unusual. Much worse, as far as the young Cyril was concerned, was the fact that he and his siblings had no father.

It was customary in those days for the Rochdale Observer to print details of all the births at Birch Hill Hospital. But if you check the records for June 1928, Cyril’s name is conspicuously absent. Illegitimate children were not recorded.

Being poor, he acknowledged in his autobiography, ‘was just simply how life was’. Being illegitimate was socially unacceptable.

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