AIPAC gambling boss may flee US

So another one of them may flee to Israe-hell to avoid justice.

Activists protesting outside an AIPAC policy conference in Washington carry signs highlighting Israel’s rights violations.

Press TV
By Gordon Duff
26 April 2014

Yesterday, federal officials took into custody the reputed partner of gambling boss Sheldon Adelson, the chief financial backer for the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and primary financier for America’s GOP or Republican Party.

Sources at the Department of Justice say Adelson is accused of laundering $364 million dollars, much of which went into the pockets of politicians in Washington “friendly” to Israel.

If Adelson is indicted, and sources in the Justice Department say this process is well underway, politicians around the US, all Republicans, will be required to return millions in what would then be not only illegal campaign contributions but clearly proof of ties between the GOP and organized crime.

Many of the politicians Adelson has supported on state government level have worked to suppress wages and workers’ rights, blocked regulations protecting consumers from mortgage and investment fraud and supported questionable gambling initiatives.

Adelson’s extremist politics have been a dark stain on the soul of America.

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Full Mobilization: Either Russia Is Positioning Troops for a Massive Offensive… Or This Is The Most Expensive Military Exercise in World History

Russia has demonstrated in the past they are not afraid, regardless of the losses, when threatened. So now take it as the Gauntlet is down and Russia wants to test out the US and Europe head on. Russia and China both WANT to blow the US to hell. Putin WILL go for it.

By Mac Salvo
25 April 2014

If you’re paying attention to geo-political and economic affairs at the moment, then you can't ignore the gathering storm clouds in Europe.

No one at the White House will officially admit it, but we may well be sitting on the cusp of a widespread conflagration. To suggest otherwise is simply naive. The chess game is, without a doubt, in full swing.

After having threatened Vladimir Putin’s $40 billion personal fortune with asset forfeiture last week, the United States continues to push forward with a variety of sanctions against anyone and any nation believed to be providing material support to pro-Russian interests. This morning the S&P ratings agency, likely with the support of U.S. officials, fired a shot across the bow of the Russian economy by downgrading the country to just above “junk status,” a move likely designed to scare foreign investment interests and bank capital to flee the country.

Russia retaliated almost immediately by proposing a scorched earth policy reminiscent of their tactical withdrawal against the Germans in World War II. In essence, should the United States continue its attack on the Russian economy and individual wealth, the country will begin to divest itself completely of Western influence by withdrawing all dollar and Euro denominated assets, selling investment bonds of any country supporting the sanctions, and engaging in global trade through exchange mechanisms that do not involve the dollar.

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Humor | Obama Private Plane Flight

Obama took a private plane flight over an Indian Reservation in Oklahoma…..

Bank of Nova Scotia to get visit from British watchdog as scrutiny of London gold fixing grows, sources say

As Gold fixing rigging continues, more suits travel to investigate, but real rigging is much more cunning than that.

Thanks to our Brazilian friends for submitting.

The century-old London gold fixing is led by representatives of Barclays Plc, Deutsche Bank AG, Bank of Nova Scotia, HSBC Holdings Plc and current chairman Societe Generale. Bloomberg

Financial Post
By Suzi Ring
and Nicholas Larkin,
Bloomberg News
25 April 2014

Regulators are stepping up their scrutiny of how gold prices are set, with officials from Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority visiting all five member banks including the Bank of Nova Scotia to observe the so-called London fixing process, two people with knowledge of the matter said.

Investigators visited the Societe Generale SA’s U.K. offices in recent weeks for the morning and afternoon conference calls, during which the reference price used by miners, jewellers and central banks is set, the people said. The watchdog is visiting all five member banks involved in the London fixing as part of its review of gold benchmarks, according to one of the people, who asked not to be identified because the matter is private.

The century-old London fixing is led by representatives of Barclays Plc, Deutsche Bank AG, Bank of Nova Scotia, HSBC Holdings Plc and current chairman Societe Generale. They hold conference calls at 10:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. where they discuss buying and selling the metal, starting from the dollar spot price, until a rate is agreed upon.

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EUCOM dismisses reports of secret U.S. base in Crimea

More dirty little secrets coming out.

This is why and what they do not want you to know. Russia was being boxed in and it was the people of the Crimea who chose a different road. The rest of the Ukraine will suffer immensely in what tragedy is about to befall them. And parties on all sides will cry.

A combat vehicle with pro-Russian gunman on top runs through downtown Slovyansk, Eastern Ukraine, Friday, April 18, 2014. Ukraine is hoping to placate Russia and calm hostilities with its neighbor even as the U.S. prepares a new round of sanctions to punish Moscow for what it regards as fomenting unrest. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky) (Efrem Lukatsky / AP)

Air Force Times
By Michelle Tan
25 April 2014

Military officials in Europe are pushing back against reports the U.S. was conducting humanitarian assistance projects in Crimea as a ruse to establish a military base in the region.

“Recent media speculation has questioned the cancellation of humanitarian assistance projects in Crimea,” according to a statement released Thursday by European Command. “The school and hospital renovation projects in question were part of EUCOM’s HA program and would have been solely for the benefit of the local school children and community. Rumors that these projects were an attempt to establish a U.S. military base in the region are patently false.”

European Command works hand-in-hand with the Offices of Defense Cooperation and embassies of 17 countries in its area of responsibility to identify humanitarian assistance projects to benefit the civilian population, according to the EUCOM statement.

The projects have been canceled because of “the uncertain security situation in Crimea, which has deteriorated significantly due to Russia’s military intervention, illegal annexation and occupation of that part of Ukraine,” according to the EUCOM statement.

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Time Germans too demand referendum – for independence from US yoke

So should the whole world now.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Barack Obama

Press TV
By M. I. Bhat
26 April 2014

While Europe is still in the process of consolidating and expanding its Union to cover each of the former east European Soviet states in its fold, several of its nation states are experiencing a season of referendum and secession demands.

Thus you have Scottish demanding to secede from England, Flemings from Belgium, Catalonians from Spain, and Venetians from Italy. Crimean example could only energize their resolve.

Crimeans may consider themselves lucky to have realized their wish without any bloodshed. But the influence it cast over the Russian-speaking majority in the Eastern Ukraine, prompting them to follow the Crimeans lead, has pitched Russia against US and EU with a potential to turn Ukraine into a vicious war theater and throw the whole world back into the Cold War era uncertainty and instability.

The Unites States and the European Union, while ruling out any military response, have already imposed some for-show-type sanctions (to appease domestic audiences) on Russia following Crimean accession, and are now repeatedly threatening to impose sweeping economic and financial sanctions if it doesn’t stop supporting pro-Russians in the Eastern Ukraine. Meantime, US and NATO started moving military assets and troops to Black Sea and some NATO-member countries close to Russia ostensibly to reassure allies there.

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The Obama Game | Is Putin Being Lured Into a Trap?

Forget Hollywood, Real world Russia is a fearsome foe.

A dated article but worth reading to put perspective on where we are now which is basically with two superpowers cutting off communications. If you have doubts about who will move first you are wrong. Never since the Cuban crisis has the world come this close to real war, thanks to American imperialism and greed.

Counter Punch
By Mike Whitney
15 April 2014

“Russia … is now recognized as the center of the global ‘mutiny’ against global dictatorship of the US and EU. Its generally peaceful .. approach is in direct contrast to brutal and destabilizing methods used by the US and EU…. The world is waking up to reality that there actually is, suddenly, some strong and determined resistance to Western imperialism. After decades of darkness, hope is emerging.” – Andre Vltchek, Ukraine: Lies and Realities, CounterPunch

Russia is not responsible for the crisis in Ukraine. The US State Department engineered the fascist-backed coup that toppled Ukraine’s democratically-elected president Viktor Yanukovych and replaced him with the American puppet Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a former banker. Hacked phone calls reveal the critical role that Washington played in orchestrating the putsch and selecting the coup’s leaders. Moscow was not involved in any of these activities. Vladimir Putin, whatever one may think of him, has not done anything to fuel the violence and chaos that has spread across the country.

Putin’s main interest in Ukraine is commercial. 66 percent of the natural gas that Russia exports to the EU transits Ukraine. The money that Russia makes from gas sales helps to strengthen the Russian economy and raise standards of living. It also helps to make Russian oligarchs richer, the same as it does in the West. The people in Europe like the arrangement because they are able to heat their homes and businesses market-based prices. In other words, it is a good deal for both parties, buyer and seller. This is how the free market is supposed to work. The reason it doesn’t work that way presently is because the United States threw a spanner in the gears when it deposed Yanukovych. Now no one knows when things will return to normal.

Check out this chart at Business Insider and you’ll see why Ukraine matters to Russia.

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Pentagon: Russia is ignoring us

Ignoring us? Wow, You think 2 fingers up is ignoring you? How about the world has said enough and is ready to fight soon? Putin knows he has Radar superiority already. China and Russia will kill the satellites.

This is what happens when arrogance and self importance blind reason. Ask yourself when the last time was that Russia and the US were not on speaking terms on the military front? When either Putin or Obama stop speaking with the other, it will be on and there is really nothing to speak about. Perhaps we are already there, and if so the world is about to change.

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel

Press TV
26 April 2014

The Pentagon says Russia’s Ministry of Defense has ignored US efforts to set up a phone conversation between the two countries’ top military officials.

According to Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren, Russia has not responded to US military officials’ requests for a phone call between US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Shoigu.

Over “the past 24 hours,” said Warren, “we’ve tried to make clear to the Russians that Secretary Hagel is available for a phone call anytime, but we have not heard back.”

This comes as Russia and the US have been flexing their military muscles over the crisis in Ukraine and the Kremlin has ended high-level contact with the administration of US President Barack Obama.

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Russia launches spy satellite for Egypt

Russia now controls space.

What is interesting about this is one, that Egypt bought the system and two the other European partners who contributed to the project.

Russian Space Web

The launch of the Soyuz-U rocket took place as scheduled on April 16, 2014, at 20:20:00 Moscow Time (12:20 EST) from Site 31 in the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

The launch vehicle was carrying a Russian-built Egyptsat-2 satellite designed to provide high-resolution imagery for the Egyptian military and other government agencies in the country.

The spacecraft was successfully delivered into its planned orbit 520 seconds after liftoff.

The development and launch campaign for Egyptsat-2 has been conducted largely in secret. Only one visual of the operational spacecraft was released to the public by its manufacturer RKK Energia after the successful launch. Notably, in its post-launch press-release, the company avoided the use of name Egyptsat-2, instead identifying the satellite as a "spacecraft for optical-electronic observation developed for the foreign customer."

RKK Energia announced that the satellite had been inserted into a 720 by 440-kilometer orbit with an inclination 51.6 degrees toward the Equator. Its ground facility established control over the satellite at 21:52 Moscow Time, the company said. Western radar detected two objects in orbit with similar parameters, probably representing the satellite and the third stage of the Soyuz-U launch vehicle. The satellite was expected to use its own propulsion system to enter a final operational orbit.

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Egypt Signing Unprecedented $3 Billion MiG-35 Deal with Russia

More are flying the coup.

Recent displays of Russian hardware make it a much easier sell and each dollar of military hardware is another dollar of sales lost by the west in particular America, and therefore jobs.

On one side while China has seized all the low hanging fruit of manufacturing, Russia is now seizing the military hardware sales that were the domain of America.

The assault against the dollar comes on many fronts and it is interesting to watch where the money comes from. As in this case the Saudis are paying for the planes. And that action speaks loudly.

The Jewish Press
22 April 2014

Ehud Ya’ari of Israel’s Channel 2 News reported on Tuesday night, that Egypt and Russia will be signing an unprecedented military agreement.

In this agreement between Cairo and Moscow, Egypt will receive 24 of Russia’s advanced Mikoyan MiG-35 fighter jets, along with military and strategic advisers, as well as training for the Egyptian Air Force.

The deal is worth $3 billion.

It follows in the footsteps of a $2 billion arms deal that Egypt signed with Russia in February, and was primarily funded by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The deal itself has been in the works since November, as reported when Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu visited Cairo and Egyptian leader Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, and developed in response to decreased US military aid to Egypt.

This deal is a major setback to US policy and diplomacy in the Middle East, and is a direct slap in the face for U.S. President Obama.

In related news, the U.S. is sending 600 troops to Eastern Europe for an exercise, to try to reassure its NATO allies, following Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

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Are You an Elitist? Class Warfare and the New Nobility

Something worth considering. How can you be elitist when imploding?

of two minds
By Charles Hugh Smith
26 April 2014

Class warfare reflects a dysfunctional divide-and-conquer society.

One of the easiest ways to put someone on the defensive in America is to accuse him/her of being an elitist. The power of this accusation derives from a complex mix of dynamics. At least one goes all the way back to the founding principles of the nation: a profound and abiding distrust of monarchy and landed nobility, and a well-grounded fear that democracy could be subverted and a new form of feudal monarchy returned to power.

It is increasingly clear that a new form of feudalism has indeed subverted democracy, and that the New Feudalism is powered by concentrations of private wealth and centralized state control: what I call the New Nobility.

Recall my Feudalism Corollary #1:

If the citizenry cannot replace a dysfunctional government and/or limit the power of the financial Aristocracy at the ballot box, the nation is a democracy in name only. 

This is why politicians bred in the hothouses of elite universities must perform "I'm one of you" rituals such as publicly enjoying low-brow snack food and attending mid-brow music performances. That such transparent immunizations against charges of elitism still work is testament to the credulity of a media-soaked populace.

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On a Trip That Avoids Beijing, Obama Keeps His Eye on China

Another flatulent ego tripping waste of time and money trip. It's all draining away fast for America now as the world is leaving.

Credibility is a little thin.

President Obama at a state dinner in Malaysia, one of four stops on his Asia tour, with King Abdul Halim and Queen Haminah. Credit Stephen Crowley/The New York Times

The New York Times
By Mark Landler
26 April 2014

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — On every stop of his Asian journey in the past week, President Obama has spoken to two audiences: America’s allies and China. The balancing act has become even trickier because of the sharp deterioration in America’s relations with Russia.

Perhaps no country has more to gain from a new Cold War than China, which has historically benefited from periods of conflict between the United States and Russia and, analysts say, could exploit these latest tensions to lean even harder on its neighbors in the region.

As Mr. Obama has traveled from Japan to South Korea and, now, Malaysia, he has delivered a carefully calibrated message to reassure America’s friends of its support while discouraging the Chinese from any thoughts of opening a second front on the Pacific Rim.

In Tokyo on Thursday, Mr. Obama vowed to defend Japan in a territorial dispute with China, but urged the Japanese to show restraint and insisted that he wanted solid relations with Beijing. The next day in Seoul, the South Korean capital, he pledged to defend South Korea from the renegade North, a Chinese ally, but went out of his way to enlist Beijing in that effort.

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