‘US in panic because of its waning power’


A Russian Defense deal with Bahrain will block the US totally in the Gulf States. Either way, Russia has played another smart move here - Again!

With the Dumb complete Klutzes the US keeps fielding in State, intelligent nations have a field day.

The changing reality not yet understood by the American public. Their Political Mediocrity Morons are losing it for the people.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin (3rd R) meets Bahrain's Crown Prince Sheikh Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa (2nd L) in the Kremlin in Moscow, on April 30, 2014 (AFP Photo)

2 May 2014

Political and economic power is draining away from the US, while other states make bilateral agreements like the investment deal between Bahrain and Russia, which makes the US extremely worried, Professor of Binary Economics Rodney Shakespeare told RT.

The US has sent a message of discontent to its ally Bahrain, which signed an investment deal with Russia. Washington has said that it is concerned with the Gulf state cozying up to Russia, which is currently under sanctions due to the Ukrainian crisis.

RT: Washington and Bahrain have long been close on political and economic terms. Why would the Gulf state cross its Western ally in the first place?

Rodney Shakespeare: Because economic power is going away from the West and it is going away from the US. Political power is moving away and the US has lost the vestiges, if it ever had it at all, of moral authority. So you have a situation at the moment where the US is still in the Cold War mindset, and thinking it has got political, economic power, moral authority... It thinks that it can tell Russia what to do, but the times are changing. And is hubristically thinking that it could sanction Russia, particularly when everybody knows that it’s really about NATO wanting to put missiles into Ukraine and that’s what really is going on; the US is making a big mistake. All it is going to do is to increase the desire of others to make agreements.

Bahrain is the most insalubrious and vicious regime, but even Bahrain can see that American power is waning. Of course, Russia would take this opportunity very reasonably to link up with Bahrain and effectively give a ‘V’ sign to the Americans. This event between two investment institutions in Russia and Bahrain is highly significant; it is something that shows you that Western and American power is declining, others are making new agreements. And frankly, the Americans are going to lose in this situation and eventually the dollar will collapse as these agreements increase.

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US War Hype against Russia enters the Twilight Zone

Anything goes selling disinfo to the Plebs.

Accept the noise and follow like a sheep or stand up and determine the truth so that the truth is what you accept.

New Eastern Outlook
By Jim Dean
3 May 2014

Tensions mount as NATO puffs its chest with minor military deployments as part of their threat play acting. Estonia was on stage today receiving NATO planes and pretending to feel threatened and wanting a permanent NATO deployment. Honest people know they just want the money that comes with it.

Kiev has its Army on full alert and has called for a draft of 18 to 25 year olds, the usual abuse of the young by the old when it comes to the war game. It seems Ukraine’s interim president Turchynov was waiting for the IMF funds to be released so the government could switch over from trying to “crowd fund” the military, where they were asking not only for money donations to buy helmets and flak vests, but also donations of soap, towels and underwear.

Meanwhile, the coup-meisters seemed focused on raising militias to deal with East Ukraine, where they seem to think militias would be effective against unarmed civilians, exactly what they are usually used for. If their murdering militias get killed off in the process, the coup-meisters could claim the Russians did it and demand NATO intervention. The Kiev regime is showing all the signs that they need a disaster to make everybody forget that they took power by the gun.

What we are seeing is a multi-layered orchestrated attack on Russia to create, not a traditional shooting war, as some journalists are hyping to get attention for themselves, but the conditions to hoodwink the Western public into accepting and supporting a New Cold War. The Western-leader hucksters want to re-establish themselves as our great protectors, thinking we will forget so many are petty thieves.

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Mutiny of the Lab Rats: Europeans Grow Weary of EU Experiment

The European Union is a Pigs Breakfast of Socialists and Jesuits freeloading and thieving.

The EU experiment may have seen its day in the sun as the public turns away.

‘The unelected president of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy

Testosterone Pit
3 May 2014

By Don Quijones, freelance writer and translator in Barcelona, Spain. Raging Bull-Shit is his modest attempt to challenge the wishful thinking and scrub away the lathers of soft soap peddled by our political and business leaders and their loyal mainstream media.

The people of Europe are finally pushing back against the European Super State, if recent polls are anything to go by. Having grown weary of being treated as lab rats in an increasingly dysfunctional economic and political experiment, a large minority of Europeans seem intent on voting for euroskeptic parties in the upcoming European elections.

The prospect is causing jitters not only among the big wigs in Brussels but also among many of Europe’s mainstream political parties, whose oligopoly on political power faces a serious threat for the first time in decades. Calculations by the Open Europe think tank suggest that hardline sceptics could take as many as 218 of the 751 seats available in the European Parliament.

In the UK, poll research shows that the most pro-European Westminster grouping – the Liberal Democrats – is about to have its European Parliamentary representation completely decimated. Indeed, so threatened do the three establishment parties in the UK feel by Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party (UKip) that they hit back this week with a cross-party campaign to condemn it as “Euracist”, an ingenious combination of the two words “Europe” and “Racist”.

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The selling out of Ukraine: what the CIA does not want Ukrainians to know

It just keeps getting dirtier.

© Photo: Central Intelligence Agency

The Voice of Russia
3 May 2014

The Press Secretary for the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov has stated that the so-called authorities in Kiev will, in the end, have to answer primarily to the Ukrainian people for their actions with regard to the ordering of military operations against civilians in the south eastern part of Ukraine. However the members of the junta government in Kiev who are responsible for ordering what they have tried to label as an "anti-terrorist" operation, one which has seen the participation of fighter aircraft, armed troops and the death of protestors continue to operate with impunity.

Junta Will be Responsible to the Ukrainian People

"With regard to the responsibility which inevitably incur those people who have made a decision on such operations taking advantage of combat aircraft, armed forces, then this responsibility, certainly they will be held before the Ukrainian people in the first place, is probably the most important thing," Peskov said to television channel Russia 24.

Early on Friday the Ukrainian military began to storm the city Slavyansk in the Donetsk region using aircraft and armored vehicles with reports of dead and injured.

Moscow has called Kiev's actions punitive and said they destroy the last hope for the viability of the Geneva agreements to de-escalate the situation in Ukraine.

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Chinese Currency Collapses To 18-Month Lows; Nears PBOC Limits

In China, even the Shadow Banking system is now under real stress once they try to adjust Yuan Foreign Exchange values.

The report below is a typical explanation of the Main Stream Media's theory of method used to fix the current value of the Chinese Yuan. It has not been fixed to the Chinese economy for many months.

The Peoples Bank of China (PBOC)/Treasury has been tracking the Intercontinental Exchange/NY Board › US DOLLAR INDEX (NYBOT:DX), for the past few months, for its fixing the value of the Yuan until April 25, 2014 when the USD:CNY ratio was spontaneously raised from the previous average of approx. 1:6.220 to 1:6.2538. Currently, the Yuan has again been raised slightly in value to over 6.25894 per USA Dollar/Yuan, which is causing the illegal Chinese "Shadow Bank's" carry traders to be now very nervous. Yen carry traders must now unwind their trades and are experiencing terrific pain. We should also see an increase in the Shadow Bank's defaults, which should have no negative effects upon the regulated banking system or the overall Chinese economy.

Zero Hedge
By Tyler Durden
30 April 2014

After widening its tolerance for real world volatility mid-March, the PBOC has faced a daily battering of USD buyers and CNY sellers which have driven the Chinese currency to its weakest level in over 18 months. However, things are starting to become problematic... while call buying and hedging is exploding - as carry traders and local specs rush to cover exposures, Bloomberg notes that Morgan Stanley fears as the yuan approaches the lower end of PBOC’s permissible daily trading range, anticipated intervention to defend band could put other currencies under selling pressure. The last time - Summer 2012 - that the PBOC defended its currency, EUR came under selling pressure but as Morgan Stanley notes, “In the very unlikely case” of PBOC not defending band, FX volatility would surge globally with implications going beyond RMB as markets would assume China’s economic problems might be significant... whocouldanode?

The Yuan is now trading 1.8% below (above on the chart) its fixing and near the 2% band limit the PBOC expanded to in March...

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