The U.S. Military is Now Ready to Pivot 2

Interesting comments from Heneghan, but is it just more unfounded speculation?

Actually asking the pampered and pointless US Military to do anything is a big ask. Over fed, overweight, over exaggerated lumps who seem to switch to Contract Mercenary Killers or Retiree beneficiaries with lifetimes of zero contribution from most, it would indeed be a true step of value to see these Buttheads come to the aid of Americans and take down the Neocon Cabal, also arresting their corrupt Banker and Agency cohorts to do just one thing right for America. The real enemies are both within and in Israel!

These are perilous times for the US economy now. Times to close down the Tax Havens and bring all these stolen funds back.

So for the Buttheads in the Military, just understand one reality, if the economy goes, so do your pampered jobs and Retiree pensions. Got that cowboys? You lose the lot. Broke, homeless and unemployable. The life of a Bum beckons then.

Man Up!

Tom Heneghan Explosive Intelligence Briefings
11 May 2014

UNITED States of America - It can now be reported that senior United States Military Flag Officers have provided 'smoking gun' evidence aka intercepted wiretaps to U.S. Justice Department officials and a New York Federal Grand Jury dealing with widespread out-of-control Israeli espionage against the American People, including evidence dealing with massive illegal espionage versus former Vice President, now year 2000 duly elected President Albert Gore Jr. that began in 1993 and continues to this day.

The espionage against Gore is being directed by NAZI Paperclip NSA team that is being administered by former Vice pResident, 9/11 co-conspirator Dick Cheney, former U.S. Secretary of State, loser and Benghazi war criminal Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and none other than the current U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

Note: Former Vice President, now year 2000 duly elected President Albert Gore Jr. has been a vicious opponent of the illegal NSA spying on the American People.

The illegal spying versus Albert Gore, which began in 1993, was ordered by then President Bill Clinton along with his sociopath wife, Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, and Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate mafia don daddy Bush aka "Icepick".

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Russians vs. A Sissy Boy

Iraq and the US model for conquered territories

Yet another US Global fiasco of arrogance and failure with millions dead.

The legacy will live for a long time, not just in Iraq, but in the minds of those who know. One wonders what the gain was all about.

Reuters / Zohra Bensemra

By Nadezhda Kevorkova
10 May 2014

The road to Baghdad Airport is the best illustration of what the United States build as they conquer one country after another.

Going to an airport seems to be such a mundane thing. It looks about the same all over the world. Except in Baghdad you have to leave home five hours before the flight – and not because the airport is so far from the city.

You cannot take a taxi to the airport. Halfway through, the taxi driver will slow down and pull off the highway and into a fenced area. Here, you have to take your luggage, let the taxi go and slowly walk on the gravel for about 80 yards. This whole time, there will be a dozen well-trained eyes closely watching you.

Next, you have a choice: sit in an extremely hot bus for a few hours waiting for it to fill up or take a car. There are black cars and white cars, clean cars and cars that are not so clean. A black car will take you to the airport for $70. A white one costs $40. (Both amounts are unthinkable for locals.) Drivers wear black pants, white shirts and black ties. (Usually, no Iraqi dresses that way.) They all speak English. Personnel at the cash register even know how to write in English (whereas an ordinary well-educated Iraqi would have a hard time even trying to write a telephone number in what the rest of the world knows as Arabic numerals). There are no under-the-counter dealings, no gypsy cabs – only tabs and receipts. There is no traditional haggling, which usually drives Westerners crazy – but this is part of the Muslim ethic because by lowering the price the salesman earns special bonuses with the Almighty.

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Reflections on Odessa. The Nazi Legacy of Mayhem and Massacres in Ukraine

From contributor Robert.

History tells a story that too few people care to know because it upsets the pleasantry of a uniformed consciousness, yet only history allows one to see the truth of the present, as it manifests.

My wife's father spent 5 long years in Treblinka; the stories he tells are enough to sour the appetite and ingrain the memories of what should never be repeated or allowed to happen to another country or another people ever again by any group. After all, the reason we have memory is so that we do not forget the lessons of history. A pity that people never learn. So yes, the killing will go on ignored until it affects all of Europe and then people will say "how [did] we let this happen?", and many more mothers will cry. Europe is collapsing now.

Global Research
By Prof. James Petras
11 May 2014

Some things do not change, despite world-historic catastrophes. Back in the late 19th century, Isaac Babel witnessed and described mobs, self-described as “Black Hundreds”, rampaging the streets of Odessa, dragging red-bearded Jews through the streets, sacking and burning their stores. Dozens of Jews were murdered and hundreds fled to sanctuaries. Terrible times, indeed!

But how much worse today when the progeny of the Black Hundreds and the proud descendants of Nazi collaborators, who now call themselves the ‘Right Forum’, roam the streets of Odessa with impunity and license, beating whomever they encounter.

Women, adolescents and pensioners fled, seeking refuge in a Trade Union Center. The contemporary Nazi’s firebombed the Center, incinerating forty and forcing others to jump from windows to their death. And those injured from their fall… beaten to a bloody pulp.

The Right Forum flaunts the worst of the Black Hundreds and Nazi legacy of mayhem and massacres.

The pogroms of the Black Hundreds of the pre-revolution were nothing compared to the genocide of the Ukrainian Waffen Galician Nachtigall and Roland Division. Eighty thousand Ukrainian fascists led by Stepan Bandera served as Hitler’s willing executioners. They murdered millions of Poles and Jews and Ukrainians. Even their Nazi overseers were appalled by the buzz-saw assassinations.

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China signs mega East Africa rail deal

While the west fumbles in the Ukraine, China is sowing up long term development in Africa. All without having to fire a shot, or finance, or overthrow any elected government. So one must wonder what $5 billion gets in the Ukraine, other than a major headache, costing tens of billions more and causing major tension across Europe vs China. So now China instead is spending $3.8 billion to build a rail link in Africa which will be a part of their infrastructure for a very long time. Seems like a total loss for America and a win win for China. When Dummies run America collapse is only a matter of time.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang (2ndL) gives a speech as Kenyas President Uhuru Kenyatta (C) shakes hands with Rwandas President Paul Kagame (R) beside Ugandas President Yoweri Museveni (L) on May 11, 2014, during the signing ceremony of the Standard Gauge Railway agreement at the State House in Nairobi. AFP PHOTO

New Vision
12 May 2014

NAIROBI - China on Sunday signed a deal to build a $3.8 billion rail link between Kenya's Indian Ocean port of Mombasa and Nairobi, the first stage of a line that will eventually link Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan.

Under the terms of the agreement, Exim Bank of China will provide 90 percent of the cost to replace the crumbling British colonial-era line with a 609.3 kilometre (379 mile) standard-gauge link and Kenya the remaining 10 percent.

Construction is due to start in October and take three-and-a-half years to complete, with China Communications Construction Co. as the main contractor.

Once the Mombasa-Nairobi line is completed, construction would begin to link east Africa's largest economy with Kampala, Kigali, Bujumbura and Juba.

The deal was signed at State House in Nairobi and witnessed by presidents Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya, Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, Paul Kagame of Rwanda and Salva Kiir of South Sudan.

"This project demonstrates that there is equal cooperation and mutual benefit between China and the East African countries, and the railway is a very important part of transport infrastructure development," Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said.

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German media: 400 US mercenaries ‘deployed on ground’ in Ukraine

Now slowly countries are seeing the truth.

No doubt they are involved in a big way as now being reported by the main European press. American dirty hands are no longer deniable.

All these Mercenaries need to be rounded up as the hired killers they are, and to be dealt with under Military Law as Spies!

Screenshot YouTube video

in Serbia
11 May 2014

About 400 elite mercenaries from the notorious US private security firm Academi (formerly Blackwater) are taking part in the Ukrainian military operation against anti-government protesters in southeastern regions of the country, German media reports.

The Bild am Sonntag newspaper, citing a source in intelligence circles, wrote Sunday that Academi employees are involved in the Kiev military crackdown on pro-autonomy activists in near the town of Slavyansk, in the Donetsk region.

On April 29, German Intelligence Service (BND) informed Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government about the mercenaries’ participation in the operation, the paper said, RIA Novosti reported. It is not clear who commands the private military contractors and pays for their services, however.

In March, media reports appeared suggesting that the coup-imposed government in Kiev could have employed up to 300 mercenaries.

Academi denied its involvement in Ukraine, claiming on its website that “rumors” were posted by “some irresponsible bloggers and online reporters.”

“Such unfounded statements combined with the lack of factual reporting to support them and the lack of context about the company, are nothing more than sensationalistic efforts to create hysteria and headlines in times of genuine crisis,” the US firm stated.

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Moscow To Tap Chinese Funds to Boost Russian Economy

Now here is the big step.

A natural occurrence that voids the western influence. Where then for the West?

A file photograph of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow.      Reuters

International Business Times
By M. Rochan
10 May 2014

Russia proposes to tap Chinese money as European and American sanctions over Ukraine threaten to push the world's largest energy producer into recession, according to two senior Russian government officials.

Moscow is looking to boost growth and funds from the world's second largest economy could find their way into a host of industries such as natural resources, housing and infrastructure construction, the unnamed officials told Bloomberg.

Two government meetings are scheduled this month to set rules for Chinese investors targeting Russia, the officials said.

However, Moscow could prevent the Chinese from investing in precious metals, diamond mining and in high-technology projects. Russia will also examine ways to curb a large influx of Chinese citizens into its territory to prevent ethnic tensions, they added.

Russia's relations with China are growing steadily, despite other issues, and no "special" government meetings are being planned on China, Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Bloomberg.

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Scripps Research Institute Scientists Create First Living Organism that Transmits Added Letters in DNA 'Alphabet'

Now where is this leading to? Let this Genie out of the box and it can unleash a life form over which we have no control and Frankenstein's spawn takes over.


The Scripps Research Institute
News Release
7 May 2014

LA JOLLA, CA—May 7, 2014—Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have engineered a bacterium whose genetic material includes an added pair of DNA “letters,” or bases, not found in nature. The cells of this unique bacterium can replicate the unnatural DNA bases more or less normally, for as long as the molecular building blocks are supplied.

“Life on Earth in all its diversity is encoded by only two pairs of DNA bases, A-T and C-G, and what we’ve made is an organism that stably contains those two plus a third, unnatural pair of bases,” said TSRI Associate Professor Floyd E. Romesberg, who led the research team. “This shows that other solutions to storing information are possible and, of course, takes us closer to an expanded-DNA biology that will have many exciting applications—from new medicines to new kinds of nanotechnology.”

The report on the achievement appears May 7, 2014, in an advance online publication of the journal Nature.

Many Challenges

Romesberg and his laboratory have been working since the late 1990s to find pairs of molecules that could serve as new, functional DNA bases—and, in principle, could code for proteins and organisms that have never existed before.

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'Impeach Obama' campaign moves mainstream

The problem is, the fact he is black and he will play the race card, but then again what is the alternative as each day he gets bolder with criminal acts he commits for his Cabal handlers. He's got to go!

  • 'Now we have the Benghazi select committee'

By Bob Unruh
10 May 2014

Talk of impeaching Barack Obama has been broached by members of Congress, media, community activists, truckers and others from both left and right over the past several years.

And now Washington Post commentator Paul Waldman says it’s going mainstream.

“Now we have the Benghazi select committee, and a select committee is what you form when there may be crimes and misdemeanors to uncover,” he points out.

“It has no other business to distract it, and it will be led by Trey Gowdy, a former prosecutor who excels at channeling conservatives’ outrage,” Waldman wrote. “To be clear, this doesn’t mean that [House Speaker John] Boehner or the party establishment he represents want impeachment, not by any means. They realize what a political disaster it was when they did it in 1998, and they understand that the effects would likely be similar if it happened again.”

But Waldman writes that “there are multiple Republican members of Congress who have at least toyed with the idea, and the committee’s hearings could build pressure in the Republican base for it.”

Among the people who have raised the prospect are Watergate reporter Bob Woodard, actor Steven Seagal, Ambassador Alan Keyes, Code Pink Co-founder Medea Benjamin and Oliver North, the former Marine Corps lieutenant colonel first known for his testimony as a National Security Council staff member under President Reagan.

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Burning Ukraine’s Protesters Alive

This is how Agency inspired violence escalates and the dreadful prices paid.

Here we go again, what has been prepping by allowing the fascists to control the Ukraine is now becoming a total horror show with the second burning of protesters alive in a building.

Why is this not a crime? Where is the outrage ? All courtesy of geopolitical standoff between American imperialism and Russia. What is clear is the practices used in third world countries for decades has now invaded the heart of Europe.

Europeans may want to consider what happens when this type of Violence spreads like a cancer throughout other European nations, as it never stays localized.

Extremists learn quickly, funded or not. At that point the unemployed youth of Europe will have found new leadership to take advantage of their lost generation and a new form of expression. We saw the flash riots and looting in England. All mainly Immigrants stealing and looting.

Ukrainian Secretary for National Security
Andriy Parubiy.

Consortium News
10 May 2014

Exclusive: For the second time in a week, Ukrainian anti-regime protesters holed up in a building were killed by fires set by pro-regime attackers with ties to newly formed neo-Nazi security forces, reports Robert Parry.

By Robert Parry

In Ukraine, a grisly new strategy – bringing in neo-Nazi paramilitary forces to set fire to occupied buildings in the country’s rebellious southeast – appears to be emerging as a favored tactic as the coup-installed regime in Kiev seeks to put down resistance from ethnic Russians and other opponents.

The technique first emerged on May 2 in the port city of Odessa when pro-regime militants chased dissidents into the Trade Unions Building and then set it on fire. As some 40 or more ethnic Russians were burned alive or died of smoke inhalation, the crowd outside mocked them as red-and-black Colorado potato beetles, with the chant of “Burn, Colorado, burn.” Afterwards, reporters spotted graffiti on the building’s walls containing Swastika-like symbols and honoring the “Galician SS,” the Ukrainian adjunct to the German SS in World War II.

This tactic of torching an occupied building occurred again on May 9 in Mariupol, another port city, as neo-Nazi paramilitaries – organized now as the regime’s “National Guard” – were dispatched to a police station that had been seized by dissidents, possibly including police officers who rejected a new Kiev-appointed chief. Again, the deployment of the “National Guard” was followed by burning the building and killing a significant but still-undetermined number of people inside. (Early estimates of the dead range from seven to 20.)

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Obama warns Democrats that midterms could imperil his agenda — and America

The arrogance of this failing Chump. It is his agenda that is the problem.


The Washington Post
By Zachary A. Goldfarb
9 May 2014

SAN JOSE — On the West Coast to raise millions of dollars for his party, President Obama spent the second half of this week preaching to rich supporters about why Democrats are better than Republicans. It sounded like a conventional stump speech in the windup to the midterm battle — including a rote apology to the first lady for running another campaign.

Listen closely, however, and you could hear the president making a much more dramatic statement about the importance of this year’s elections.

As he toured a series of mansions, Obama made the case that should Democrats fail to keep their hold on the Senate and do not win back the House, both his second-term priorities and the country’s future could be imperiled.

He described the public’s dissatisfaction with Washington as nearly at a tipping point, where working-class Americans see leaders as unresponsive to their most basic concerns. If that were to continue, he said, more middle-class Americans could dismiss the political process completely.

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S. Arabia Relocating Takfiri Fighters from Syria to Ukraine

Truly disgusting. Putin needs to take note and help Iran payback Saudi. Two can play this game. When you want trouble, just shift your hired thugs from one savaged country to another. Totally disgusting shameful behavior.

FARS News Agency
4 May 2014

TEHRAN (FNA)- Saudi Arabia has sent a large number of Takfiri fighters in Syria to Ukraine to fight the pro-Russian protesters in the European country.

"A large number of terrorist Takfiri fighters in Syria, who bear Saudi and Chechnian nationalities and receive financial and military backup from the Saudi intelligence agency, have been transferred to the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, on several planes to help the Ukrainian army in its fight against the pro-Russian population," an Arab security official told FNA on Sunday on the condition of anonymity due to the secrecy of the issue.

"The forces have been immediately dispatched to Kramatosk city in Eastern Ukraine, and are now fighting beside the Ukrainian army forces against the pro-Russians under the name of militias who support the government," the source added.

The source explained that Saudi Arabia seeks to take revenge from Russia and pro-Russian people in Ukraine due to Moscow's support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the war on rebel groups.

Last Summer, former Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar reportedly offered Russian President Putin a deal, saying if Russia abandoned Syria, Saudi Arabia would protect the Sochi Olympics from Islamic terrorists. Putin angrily rebuffed the offer. In January, two terrorist bombings, for which the Saudis were blamed, happened only 400 miles away from the site of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

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Civil War Has Begun in Ukraine; U.S. Backs Neo-Nazis against the Democrats; U.S. Media Suppress that News

This is ALL because the US is funding Neo Nazis and yet more US Agency triggered genocide.

Like it has happened many times before, civil war has started. And like it has also occurred in the past the neofascists led by the horror of crimes committed during WWII will haunt the Ukraine again under American sponsorship until it too turns on its sponsor.


Washington's Blog
By Eric Zuesse
10 May 2014

“Today’s massacre is Mariupol. They are just shooting people. They shot 12 cops that would not take part and about 18 (number on the fly right now). They are using rpgs, tanks and mounted guns. It’s still going on. In Slavyansk they just shot a 12-year-old twice for wearing a St George ribbon [marking support for Russian-speaking Ukrainians].” message from an eastern Ukrainian, to me on May 9th

The conservative newspaper Kyiv Post headlines, also on 9 May 2014, “Ten People Injured Brought to Mariupol Hospital,” and reports that, “Ten people with gunshot wounds have been hospitalized in Mariupol, where shooting continues since morning, local mass media outlet reported. … According to the information of the media outlet, ‘representatives of the Donetsk People’s Republic have seized a tank at the crossing of Lenin and Torhova [Streets].’”

The same day, the same newspaper banners, “Avakov Says 21 dead in Mariupol After Clashes Between Police and Separatists,” and reports: “At least 21 people died in clashes between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists in the eastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol in Donetsk Oblast, according to Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. He said that some 60 ‘terrorists’ with automatic weapons attacked the city police headquarters earlier today and attempted to take over the building ‘without any preliminary demands.’

‘There was a fight in the building, which turned into a full-scale military clash after reinforcements arrived from the police and Omega unit of the National Guard,’ Avakov wrote on his Facebook page. He said 20 separatists died and four were arrested on the separatist side, and only one dead on the government side.” So, according to the central government official Avakov, some “60 ‘terrorists’ with automatic weapons” who were “separatists” had fought against Avakov’s forces, and “20 separatists died,” while there was “only one dead on the government side,” even though they had been fighting “some 60 ‘terrorists’ with automatic weapons.” Who, then, were really the ‘terrorists’ here? The Ukrainian central government is having trouble lying: they’re not as skilled at it as their sponsors inside the U.S. White House and State Department are: they need lots of professional training.

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Photos of the Week | May 3rd - 9th, 2014

Reminds one of how small we really are. And to the US, there is a whole world outside of America.

A small group of caribou float past, riding an ice chunk in the Yukon River, near Circle, Alaska, on May 3, 2014. (AP Photo/Alaska Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Claude Denver)

The Atlantic
9 May 2014

Feedback from last week was generally positive, so I'll be continuing to present a weekly wrap-up of photos every Friday (unless there's a strong, timely photo story, when I might skip a week). Your feedback remains welcome, let me know what you think in the comments below, or elsewhere, thanks. Today's collection of photos from the past seven days features wayward caribou on the Yukon River, a collection of Terracotta Daughters, unrest in Ukraine, a performance by the Lords of Lightning, earthquake damage in Thailand, and much more. [35 photos]

Clouds clear away from Victoria Harbour after a rainstorm in Hong Kong on May 8, 2014. 
(Alex Ogle/AFP/Getty Images)

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World's No. 1 pesticide brings honeybees to their knees, say scientists

A step too far costs big time as without bees there is no pollination. We loose the Bees, who will feed the Burger Butts?

  • A new study from Harvard implicates two neonicotinoid pesticides, imidacloprid and clothianidin, in the ongoing plague of honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder. Imidacloprid is the most widely used pesticide in the world, and both are approved by the EPA.

The Christian Science Monitor
By Fabian Tepper
9 May 2014

A team of Harvard biologists has come closer to cracking the mystery of honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), eight years after its appearance.

CCD persists in transforming bee colonies around the world into ghost towns: by the end of each winter, some colonies wind up littered with dead bees and emptied of many more, with no signs of renewal.

"One of the defining symptomatic observations of CCD colonies is the emptiness of hives in which the amount of dead bees found inside the hives do not account for the total numbers of bees present prior to winter when they were alive," states the report, published May 9 in the Bulletin of Insectology.

The exact mechanism behind these collapses remains dauntingly unclear, but they have been linked with pathogen infestation, malnutrition, and pesticide exposure. This week's report strongly indicates that two neonicotinoid insecticides that are widely used on crops can decimate honeybee colonies' winter survival rates, whether or not mites or parasites are present.

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David Cameron: Taxes will rise unless we can raid bank accounts

This is vile, where failed Governments and the Bankers can take as they please. 


And coming to a bank near you ......

Taxes will have to rise unless officals are given new powers to raid people's bank accounts, David Cameron has said. Photo: Alamy

  • David Cameron claims he will "have to put up taxes" unless tax officials are given draconian powers to raid people's bank accounts

The Telegraph
By Steven Swinford
9 May 2014

Taxes will have to rise unless officials are given new powers to raid people's bank accounts, David Cameron has said.

The Treasury select committee warned that allowing HM Revenue and Customs to remove cash from bank accounts without court orders is "very concerning" because of its history of mistakes.

The committee said that taxpayers could suffer “serious detriment” if officials are able, either by mistake or through an “abuse” of power, to take money from people who have done no wrong.

Mr Cameron yesterday claimed that the alternative was to "put up taxes". He told Sky News: "We have a choice here. If we don't collect taxes properly and make sure people pay their taxes properly we look at the problems of having to raise tax rates. I don't want to do that, so I support the changes the Chancellor set out in the Budget which is to really say that not paying your taxes is not acceptable.

"It is very clear that they can only do this if there is a debt of over £1,000, they can only do it if there's £5,000 or more in the account after this has been completed. The general principle – do we want to pursue every avenue of making people pay their taxes they are meant to pay before we put up taxes, because that's the alternative – absolutely, yes we do."

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FEC Chairman Warns Of Forthcoming Government Media Censorship

This is worrying it will be the end of Public supervision of corruption and allow vile regimes, as now, freedom to destroy freedoms.

Reminds one of what happened in Germany in the 30's. The freedom of the media goes in hand in hand with personal liberty and the right to free speech.


Zero Hedge
By Tyler Durden
10 April 2014

Submitted by Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

When I first read this story I wasn’t sure whether to highlight it or not. While the claims made by Federal Elections Committee (FEC) Chairman Lee E. Goodman are extraordinarily frightening, sometimes people with strong partisan leanings can exaggerate threats and so I like to be careful. I’m not certain if this is the case with Mr. Goodman, but since it is his word against other folks at the FEC and I don’t work there, it’s hard to know what the true state of affairs is.

Nevertheless, the fact that Ajit Pai, a commissioner at the FCC, recently warned in a Wall Street Journal editorial of government plans to “monitor” media organizations, makes me concerned enough to post on it. I highlighted the Ajit Pai editorial back in February in my post: The Obama Administration Plans to Embed “Government Researchers” to Monitor Media Organizations.

As far as the Goodman comments, The Washington Examiner reports that:

Government officials, reacting to the growing voice of conservative news outlets, especially on the internet, are angling to curtail the media’s exemption from federal election laws governing political organizations, a potentially chilling intervention that the chairman of the Federal Election Commission is vowing to fight.

“I think that there are impulses in the government every day to second guess and look into the editorial decisions of conservative publishers,” warned Federal Election Commission Chairman Lee E. Goodman in an interview.

“The right has begun to break the left’s media monopoly, particularly through new media outlets like the internet, and I sense that some on the left are starting to rethink the breadth of the media exemption and internet communications,” he added.

Noting the success of sites like the Drudge Report, Goodman said that protecting conservative media, especially those on the internet, “matters to me because I see the future going to the democratization of media largely through the internet. They can compete with the big boys now, and I have seen storm clouds that the second you start to regulate them, there is at least the possibility or indeed proclivity for selective enforcement, so we need to keep the media free and the internet free.”

“The picking and choosing has started to occur,” said Goodman. “There are some in this building that think we can actually regulate” media, added Goodman, a Republican whose chairmanship lasts through December. And if that occurs, he said, “then I am concerned about disparate treatment of conservative media.”

The main issue I have with Mr. Goodman’s comments is that he frames them in a very partisan manner. Sure, I don’t doubt that the current state of affairs might have the FEC concerned about the threat posed by conservative media, but in ten years who knows, it could be the reverse. The key here is that media, in particular the internet, must be kept free and open. The internet is what allows an individual like me, armed with only a computer and an internet connection, to reach thousands of people per day on a shoestring budget. This is a revolution in humankind and must be preserved at all costs.

Full article here.

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