OWoN 1st year anniversary | the post that started it all - Where do you fit?

There are three types of people. Ones who make things happen, others who watch what happens and those who wonder what happened. This blog is for all three types to discuss where we are going, where we were and where we are now.

One World of Nations
16 May 2014

It was a year ago today that we here at OWoN took a leap of faith and built this site to see if you would come. You did, and in droves. OWoN reaches across oceans and is read in every part globe by an ever growing readership. You all deserve a share in its success.

"Where do you fit?" was the original post that started it all and is re-posted here today. What it signified and described as to what this site would be about still rings true today, we have not wavered. It still is, and always will be, an open platform for you all to promote dialogue in hopes of truth, vision and debate. It is, by and large, an open forum to think as one nation of all people, all inclusive, and to share truth together.

News items from around the world are submitted by various parties to enlighten and inform our readership, both from mainstream journalists and those behind the scenes. We dissect and discuss all issues to grasp the reality of the direction our fragile planet is going in. Some news we like, others not so much, but the realities are reported always.

We also provide exclusive articles which give a summary, or in-depth, information of major facets to create a focused prism of the criminality on large scale issues that infects our world, likened to a parasite that cannot have a symbiotic relationship, but can only destroy its host, even to its own detriment. Never a thought of tomorrow, they just steal what they can today. Their only thought of tomorrow being subjugation or eradication of the masses to their benefit. Truly, such ugly parasites.

Submitted by many of you are articles that have either sparked your interest or have motivated you strongly enough to provide your own writings on subjects you wish to share with others. And for those efforts OWoN applauds you all.

Our hope is the information we spread across the planet creates the 100th Monkey Syndrome which is so badly needed to not only stem the tide, but to actually reverse the current. We must unite and stand as one, One World of Nations, to create the changes so desperately needed.

We have hope and aspirations of OWoN becoming so much more in the years to come. Unfortunately, for the majority of that to happen we need the Private Placements released to those owed for so long. This is why we are so focused on that event, to its success or failure.

We have had tremendous support, and help, which has shaped us as a unique and growing force today. Many of your own submissions are read avidly all over the world. You have become your own Global Cast of Players on a world stage ever evolving. We have come so far this year. OWoN is encouraged to see where we will be a year from now. Where do you think we will be? Where do you fit?

The future is bright. The future is you.

Humor | Rich Lanzer Re: How I lost my teeth

I was in the Texas Rose last night, at the bar waiting for a beer, when a butt-ugly, big old heifer came up behind me, and slapped me on the ass.

She said, "Hey sexy, how about giving me your number!

I looked at her and said, "Have you got a pen?"

She said, "I sure do."

I said, " Well, you better get back into it before the farmer notices you're missing."

My dental surgery is on Monday.

Mutual respect reinforces Sino-African ties

As part of what is playing out between progressive nations, this is yet another example of catastrophic misses which will cost dearly in years to come. The world is moving on and reshaping .

America is like deer in headlights frozen by aimless leadership.


Global Times
13 May 2014

Chinese premier Li Keqiang concluded his four-nation Africa trip and went back to Beijing on Monday. This trip has consolidated Sino-African relations with fruitful achievements in many cooperative areas. The most striking is that Chinese companies acquired two large railway orders from Kenya and Nigeria, which are landmark deals in future Sino-African cooperation.

Before Li, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a seven-day visit to Africa at the end of last March. The two visits, at such a short interval, have rarely been paid by the leaders of other major powers except China.

China's moves on this land have drawn keen attention from the West, which also refocuses their eyes on this "hopeless" continent, as they once thought. However, they returned here still with the outdated political mindsets and the air of Africa's former suzerains.

Much aid they provide to Africa is not meant for humanitarian purposes, but a bargaining chip to change this land into what they want. Almost every economic investment they make must require a political payback.

But this is not the same case between China and Africa, both of which are enjoying a more positive relationship. That is because our bilateral cooperation is based on an equal footing, carried out for reciprocal purposes and endorsed by the authorities of both sides. As two booming economies, both China and Africa are in urgent need of bilateral cooperation. With the encouragement and guidance of the authorities of both sides, it will produce enormous profits for mutual benefit.

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The Lightbulb Goes Off In China: "If You Don't Pay Me And I Pay Others, I Am The Sucker"

The following is huge with respect to China as firms receivables are piling high and in some cases averaging over 195 days.

Why bother selling to a deadbeat customer? We really need to see the list of the customers. This can trigger unstoppable consequences.

Zero Hedge
By Tyler Durden
15 May 2014

Just last month we highlighted how the collapse in China's shadow-banking system, it's concomittant credit crunch, and vicious circle of commodity-financed credit creation could spread contagiously to the rest of the world - through refusal to pay. It seems we were prophetic as Reuters confirms that money owed to Chinese firms by their customers has reached a record high. As China's economy continues to cool, companies are waiting longer and finding it harder to get paid for goods and services they've already sold, leading to record amounts of receivables - and potential write-offs - on corporate balance sheets. As one Chinese business owner exclaimed: "If you don't pay me and I pay others, aren't I just a sucker? I'm not that stupid." Receivables on average (across 2300 firms) reached $160.49 million at the end of last year, more than double the $65.9 million average at the end of 2009 and median collection time for billings crawled up from 71.4 days to 90.42 days (the first time above 90 days). "It's a pretty loud warning bell," warns a Peking professor.

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Russia Dumps 20% Of Its Treasury Holdings As Mystery "Belgium" Buyer Adds Another Whopping $40 Billion

The projected devaluation of the US $ is about to start and c35% is looming. Welcome to the reality of Third World America.

Let's ponder the magnitude of the looming devaluation, consider the following table (from BP's 2013 World Energy Review.)

The world trade in other commodities, merchandise and goods and services is roughly in balance, i.e., demand/supply for USD is neutral.

Domestic production and consumption is irrelevant, and will always occur in the domestic currency of the country. (In other words, rough 32M brls of world oil production/day is totally irrelevant to the currency issue)

If we say payment for 50% of Middle East, Asia Pacific and Former Soviet Union, and all of Angola (1800K brls/day) exports switch to another currency. i.e., ((8597 + 6419 + 19699) / 2 + 1800) / 55314, then demand for USD will drop by 34.6%.

I'd suggest that the devaluation almost certainly will reach 35% in the short term until some sort of stability returns to the markets at around 25-30% in the long-term. Now, how many people are ready for this kind of shock. And yes, one can call it a reset. One imagines the London forex markets are about to have a field day.

Now you can see a currency war being reported and the events of the Ukraine make sense given the US punishes anyone not selling oil in dollars. So what happens next week when Russia announces their Gasprom gas deal in a currency other than the dollar. As one notes there are 23 odd countries with swap arrangements with China so this adds major fuel to a fire.

Zero Hedge
By Tyler Durden
15 May 2014

Back in mid-March, there was a brief scare after the start of the Ukraine conflict, when Fed custody holdings plunged by a record $104.5 billion (if promptly bouncing back the following week), leading many to believe that Russia may have dumped its Treasurys, or at least change its bond custodian. We noted that we wouldn't have a definitive answer until the May TIC number came out to know for sure how much Russia had sold, or if indeed, anything. Moments ago the May TIC numbers did come out, and as expected, Russia indeed dumped a record $26 billion, or some 20% of all of its holdings, bringing its post-March total to just over $100 billion - the lowest since the Lehman crisis.

But as shocking as this largely pre-telegraphed dump was, it pales in comparison with what Zero Hedge first observed, is the country that has quietly and quite rapidly become the third largest holder of US paper: Belgium. Or rather, "Belgium" because it is quite clear that it is not the country of Begium who is engaging in this unprecedented buying spree of US paper, but some account acting through Belgian custody.

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