Proof of Chemtrails | German Aerospace Engineer speaks out

So, you want to know if Chemtrails are real? Watch and see.

Project Camelot
By Kerry Cassidy
26 May 2014

This is crucial evidence! Please make this video viral, download and preserve this testimony! If anyone speaks German please contact this person and tell him I would like to interview him!

Have him contact me:

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Why War Is Inevitable

This is a road to hell for all.
"Putin is hoping that the interests of European countries will prevail over subservience to Washington. This is Putin’s current bet. That is the reason Putin remains unprovoked by Washington’s provocations in Ukraine."

"If Europe fails Russia, Putin and China are now preparing for the war that Washington’s drive for hegemony makes inevitable."

Institute for political Economy
By Paul Craig Roberts
25 May 2014

Memorial Day is when we commemorate our war dead. Like the Fourth of July, Memorial Day is being turned into a celebration of war.

Those who lose family members and dear friends to war don’t want the deaths to have been in vain. Consequently, wars become glorious deeds performed by noble soldiers fighting for truth, justice, and the American way. Patriotic speeches tell us how much we owe to those who gave their lives so that America could remain free.

The speeches are well-intentioned, but the speeches create a false reality that supports ever more wars. None of America’s wars had anything to do with keeping America free. To the contrary, the wars swept away our civil liberties, making us unfree.

President Lincoln issued an executive order for the arrest and imprisonment of northern newspaper reporters and editors. He shut down 300 northern newspapers and held 14,000 political prisoners. Lincoln arrested war critic US Representative Clement Vallandigham from Ohio and exiled him to the Confederacy. President Woodrow Wilson used WWI to suppress free speech, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt used WWII to intern 120,000 US citizens of Japanese descent on the grounds that race made them suspect. Professor Samuel Walker concluded that President George W. Bush used the “war on terror” for an across the board assault on US civil liberty, making the Bush regime the greatest danger American liberty has ever faced.

Lincoln forever destroyed states’ rights, but the suspension of habeas corpus and free speech that went hand in hand with America’s three largest wars was lifted at war’s end. However, President George W. Bush’s repeal of the Constitution has been expanded by President Obama and codified by Congress and executive orders into law. Far from defending our liberties, our soldiers who died in “the war on terror” died so that the president can indefinitely detain US citizens without due process of law and murder US citizens on suspicion alone without any accountability to law or the Constitution.

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China's state-owned sector told to cut ties with U.S. consulting firms

Have no doubt things are cranking up and the Cabal will recklessly murder Billions if this escalates.

And you thought joint military drills were in isolation. The US has screwed nation after nation with no regard for morality, and lied on every corner, stealing from every door opened. Now it is all coming home to roost. Whether they wake up in time or not is not of concern as the drums are beating for a combined war in the near future. Perhaps a time to consider what is important relative to the ability to see tomorrow, as materializations of false value mean nothing. Unchecked, the world will shortly stand on the brink of a disaster never seen before in modern history. Nuclear Melt down as America cities are obliterated. Of course the world will go also, but a truly part Plebeian and Clueless nation needs to be told that all US life within 150 miles of the Coast will die, and all major Cities and bases will be hit.

Think no more than 20 mins for the 50 or so Russian and Chinese subs to unleash 1,000 missiles each carrying multi warheads which will erase America and all its fleets and Global bases. No warning, just mass death, with the Bombers and ICBMs following behind.

While the Elites who caused all this sit bunkered down under Denver Airport, Cheyenne Mountain and other complexes.

Terrible times are coming if not evaded by action.

One ought to consider the opponent, especially one who lived in a cave and ask what they are prepared to sacrifice. China will not blink and nor will Russia.

One has to forget the usual nonsense as where we are headed has never been attempted, and only the fools and the blind go where angels fear to thread.

May God have mercy on you all, soon that is all there may be. Just blind hope if it starts. I truly hope what is seen and being discussed are the fables or dreams of old men, past their prime and not the dreams of those capable or wanting of execution. This would become the Apocalypse of life as you know it, think at least 90% of humanity dead and the Nuclear winters to follow as radioactive dust blocks out the sun, water is radiated, and mutants grasp for life.

Why not just try the Cabal for Treason under Military Law? Including their Global partners.

Yahoo Finance
By Reuters
Reporting by Hilary Russ

China has told its state-owned enterprises to sever links with American consulting firms just days after the United States charged five Chinese military officers with hacking U.S. companies, the Financial Times reported on Sunday.

China's action, which targets companies like McKinsey & Company and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), stems from fears the firms are providing trade secrets to the U.S. government, the FT reported, citing unnamed sources close to senior Chinese leaders.

"We haven't received any notification of this kind," said Margaret Kashmir, a spokeswoman for Strategy& - formerly Booz & Company - in an email, adding that serving clients in China and globally continues to be the company's main priority.

"We are unaware of any government mandates," added Bain & Company spokeswoman Cheryl Krauss.

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Is Wills going to be an air ambulance pilot? Prince wants to fly again before becoming a full-time royal

This is a kind story of the decency of a young Prince and his wife Kate, who like his Grandmother the Queen, places Public Duty and the need to serve, at the top of his agenda. An outstanding example of our future King, not his Tosser of a father Charles, who betrayed Diana, broke Faith with his wife and Country having been sworn in as the Keeper of the Faith, and who needs to face a Referendum of the people, is he to be allowed to become Supreme Monarch, ruling with the consent of the people, or to stand down in favor of William and the nation, and to retire into ignominy like his treacherous Great Uncle with Wallace Simpson. Time for a clean sweep.

William hinted at a return to the skies during his family's recent official trip to New Zealand

  • William stepped down as a rescue pilot with the RAF a year ago
  • Since then he has spent time raising his son George
  • He now plans to work with the East Anglian air ambulance service
  • Sources say he has consulted the Queen about his plans
  • Prince is taking what palace aides have called a 'transitional year'

Mail Online
By Sam Marsden
and Rebecca English
26 May 2014

Prince William could become an air ambulance helicopter pilot instead of starting full-time royal duties this year.

He gave up his job as an RAF search and rescue pilot eight months ago to start a ‘transitional’ year of public service placements as part of his preparation for becoming King.

But sources claim William, 31, has decided he is not ready to move on to full-time royal duties when this period comes to an end in September, and is keen to return to flying.

One option would be to enlist as a pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance, which is based near his country home in Norfolk.

William hinted at a return to the skies during his family’s recent official trip to New Zealand. Touring an aviation museum, he said seeing the historic military aircraft made him ‘long to be flying again’ and revealed that he hoped to obtain a commercial pilot’s licence. He already holds a private pilot’s licence from his time in the RAF.

Acquiring a commercial licence would allow him to fly civilian helicopters such as air ambulances.

In a possible sign of where his intentions lie, William and the Duchess of Cambridge will meet representatives of the Scottish Air Ambulance Service on a visit to Crieff, near Perth, on Thursday.

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A terrifying vision to sharpen Tory minds | DAILY MAIL COMMENT

Instead of addressing genuine concerns, the big three believed they could defeat Nigel Farage with smears. The Mail warned that such arrogant tactics would backfire. They have now, a party of the people, funded by the people, has arisen and is sweeping the old parties aside, as the people rage at their arrogance, and unseat the lot of them. 


On the rise: Ukip leader Nigel Farage at the European election count in Southampton last night

Mail Online
By Daily Mail Comment
26 May 2014

If Thursday’s local election results were a kick in the pants for Westminster’s smug political class, last night’s European triumphs for Ukip were nothing less than a humiliation.

Instead of addressing voters’ genuine concerns on mass immigration and the corrupt, power-hungry EU machine, the big three parties believed they could defeat Nigel Farage with smears and lazy accusations of ‘racism’.

The Mail – while, we repeat, carrying no torch for Ukip – warned that such arrogant, cack-handed tactics would backfire, and so it proved.

Traditional Labour and Tory supporters, tired of being lectured by professional politicians who have never had a job in the real world, defected to Ukip in their droves and the Liberal Democrats were massacred.

What a bitter irony it is for Nick Clegg – who, of course, would be happy for Britain to be run by Brussels – to be left with no real voice inside his beloved European Parliament.

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UKIP looks to Westminster after Euro win

At last, common sense prevails and the voice of the people RAGING was heard in both the EU and UK elections.

The UK people want to be OUT of Europe and Europeans want an end to mass immigration. So does the world!

Diane James (l) and Janice Atkinson were elected along with Nigel Farage in the South East region

BBC News
26 May 2014

UKIP has set its sights on Westminster after recording a resounding victory in the European elections.

Nigel Farage pledged: "You've not heard the last of us," calling the result the most extraordinary for a century.

His party came first in six of the 10 regions to declare, with its strongest performance in the East Midlands.

The electoral "earthquake" Mr Farage had predicted came as radical, anti-EU parties on the right and left topped polls across Europe.

UKIP is on course to win its first seat in Scotland, although the confirmed result is not due until later.

But it finished third in London where it polled almost 10% lower than in the country as a whole.

'Cast-iron guarantee'

Mr Farage put the party's success down to voters' "very strong desire" to have a "different relationship with Europe".

He told reporters: "The message is people have had enough of not being told the truth and not being given the opportunity to express their opinion.

"Five years ago the Conservatives won, giving us a cast-iron guarantee of a referendum they didn't deliver."

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