The Lies Grow More Audacious

Can he even judge reality now?

He's painted a clear picture of today's false ideology at a time when even Europe can not be held back from paying for natural gas from Russia in Euros.

Institute for Political Economy
By Paul Craig Roberts
6 June 2014

If there were any doubts that Western “leaders” live in a fantasy make-believe world constructed out of their own lies, the G-7 meeting and 70th anniversary celebration of the Normandy landing dispelled the doubts.

The howlers issuing from these occasions are enough to split your sides. Obama and his lap dog Cameron described the Normandy landing on June 6, 1944, as “the greatest liberation force that the world has ever known” and took all the credit for the US and Britain for the defeat of Hitler. No mention was made of the Soviet Union and the Red Army, which for three years prior to the Normandy landing had been fighting and defeating the Wehrmacht.

The Germans lost World War II at the Battle of Stalingrad, which was fought from August 23, 1942 until February 2, 1943, when most of the remnants of the powerful German Sixth Army surrendered, including 22 generals.

Nineteen months previously the largest invasion force ever assembled on planet earth invaded Russia across a one thousand mile front. Three million crack German troops; 7,500 artillery units, 19 panzer divisions with 3,000 tanks, and 2,500 aircraft rolled across Russia for 14 months.

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US in clutches of terminal ‘acceptionalism’

Heh, Mr Kenyan Usurper, they don't believe or trust you.

Press TV
By Brett Redmayne-Titley
7 June 2014

We cannot thank you enough for providing this past week a detailed and visually militarized definition of your failing country's "exceptionalism." On May 28, 2014, to the cheers of budding West Point Military Academy cadets, you could not hear the global guffaws of laughter in response to your twisted excuses for this sad new lexicon of an ever threatened world.

Exceptionalism, however, describes America and American foreign policy much more accurately than you realize. Fortunately, and thanks to your finely crafted definition, we now know the cause of this affliction, a disease it seems, that is peculiar to US and Zionist-controlled politicians.

Exceptionalism, the metaphor for horror and atrocity on behalf of Empire, has been available for illicit use since it was first brought into empirical popularity by Joseph Stalin in 1929, at the beginning of his rise to Soviet authoritarian power. According to the American Marion-Webster dictionary, their definition is;


ex•cep•tion•al•ism- noun - (\ik-ˈsep-shnə-ˌli-zəm.)

: the condition of being different from the norm; also : a theory expounding the exceptionalism especially of a nation or region.

Perfect. Indeed it is obvious that America is “different from the norm,” i.e., humanity. 

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Gazprom signs agreements to switch from dollars to euros

Gazprom now marches on ignoring US grandstanding.

So previous payments formally in dollars will now be in Euro's and who will complain. It also means that Russia will spend more on European based goods priced in Euro than those in dollars.

© ITAR-TASS/Mikhail Dzhaparidze

ITAR-TASS News Agency
6 June 2014

MOSCOW - Gazprom Neft had signed additional agreements with consumers on a possible switch from dollars to euros for payments under contracts, the oil company's head Alexander Dyukov told a press conference.

"Additional agreements of Gazprom Neft on the possibility to switch contracts from dollars to euros are signed. With Belarus, payments in roubles are agreed on," he said.

Dyukov said nine of ten consumers had agreed to switch to euros.

ITAR-TASS reported earlier that Gazprom Neft considered the possibility to make payments in roubles under contracts. Some contracting parties agree to switch from dollars to euros and Yuans.

"The so-called Plan B is already partially worked out. The switch of dollar contracts to euros and Yuans is agreed on with some of our contracting parties. Under consideration is the possibility to switch contracts to roubles," Dyukov said at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

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Susan Rice Admits U.S. Supplying Heavy Weapons to Al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria

Why is America seeking more funds to fight Terrorism when it's America arming and training them in the first place?????

The beat goes on. Time to arrest the Traitors in the Administration and Agencies?

Blacklisted News
7 June 2014

President Barack Obama's top foreign policy advisor Susan Rice on Friday said Washington was providing "lethal and non-lethal" support to select members of the Syrian opposition, offering more detail than usual on US assistance.

Top Obama administration officials typically decline to say exactly what equipment, arms or ammunition the United States is providing to moderate Syrian opposition forces.

But President Barack Obama said in a major foreign policy speech last week that the United States would "ramp up" support for rebels fighting President Bashar al-Assad.

National Security Advisor Susan Rice said in an interview with CNN while she was traveling with Obama to D-Day 70th anniversary celebrations in Normandy that she was heartbroken about the carnage in Syria's civil war.

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Grand Geopolitical Project: Russia’s Gazprom signs Agreement to Abandon the Dollar

This is simple, the US has just lost the whole of Europe. Oh well, back to the day job.

But they can't because tens of millions no longer have one - because the Cabal and its Agencies have stolen the money, tanked the economy, given the keys to the Treasury and Fed to the Zionist Mafia, and has just been played of the board by Russia and China.

So now, apply to China for a day job, and hope they don't call all their Treasuries or truth will be so nasty for many. Nice job Zionist Mafia.

Submitted by Valdi.

Global Research
By Umberto Pascali
7 June 2014

“It’s only the tip of the iceberg. A grand geopolitical project is beginning to materialize…”

On June 6 2014, the official Russian news agency Itar Tass announced what many were expecting since at least the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis: Russian main energy company, Gazprom Neft has finally “signed agreements with its consumers” to switch from Dollars to Euros (as transition to the ruble) “for payments under contracts”.

The announcement that the agreement has been actually signed and not just discussed was made by Gazprom’s Chief Executive Officer, Alexander Dyukov.

Despite the pressures from Wall Street and its military, propaganda and political apparatus, 9 out of 10 consumers of Gazprom’s oil and gas agreed to pay in Euros. Of course, the big watershed was the Gazprom unprecedented 30-years $400Bl natural gas supply to China signed in Shanghai last May 21 in the presence of President Putin and President Xi Jinping in the middle of the Anglo-american sponsored violent destabilization of Ukraine. In fact it is improper to talk a dollar denominated $400Bl, because this “biggest deal” will not be using dollars but the Renminbi (or Yuan) and the Russian Ruble. It links China and Russia economically and strategically for three decades, de facto (and maybe later also de jure) creating an unshakable symbiotic alliance that necessarily will involve the military aspect.

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Beijing-Based IMF? Lagarde Ponders China Gaining on U.S. Economy

Interesting appraisal but way off the mark as reality. It pre supposes the IMF, a US Clone vehicle, will still have an operating role in future. The IMF has failed the nations and it's a US mouthpiece. 

With the emergence of BRICS, the Yuan and both Chinese / Russian Gold backed currencies to come, why will the Eurasian zone need or tolerate a failed US Hegemony ploy and be lectured to by a failing Empire? 

Lagarde is quietly seeking the EU Presidency role, because she sees the IMF role as that of a naked Emperor and she is too smart to stay aboard a sinking ship. Leaders ganging up on and ignoring Putin in France were petulant children whose nations will feel Russia's anger in time. Our collective Leaders are truly an abysmal bunch nowadays.

Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, speaks during a news conference at the U.K. Treasury in London on June 6, 2014.   Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

By Sandrine Rastello
6 June 2014

The International Monetary Fund’s headquarters may one day shift to Beijing from Washington, aligning with China’s growing influence in the world economy, the fund’s managing director said.

Christine Lagarde, speaking late today in London, said IMF rules require the main office be located in the country that is the biggest shareholder, which the U.S. has been since the fund was formed 70 years ago.

The IMF founding members “decided that the institution would be headquartered in the country which had the biggest share of the quota, which chipped in the biggest amount and contributed most. And that is still today the United States,” she said in response to questions at the London School of Economics.

“But the way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these days the IMF was headquartered in Beijing for instance,” she said. “It would be the articles of the IMF that would dictate it.”

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Reset The Net - The NSA Faces a Tech Insurgency

Great news. Well done the people. Fight back and SACK these Agency parasites. Cut their budgets 50%.

A coalition of digital rights groups and Internet companies has launched a campaign, to encourage individuals and companies to help short circuit the NSA's domestic spying program.

SGC News
5 June 2014

The "Reset the Net" campaign launched today, on the one year anniversary of the Snowden leaks. The idea behind the project, is that if the U.S. government won't end its domestic spying program, then the people should take steps to make the NSA's job difficult if not impossible, starting with our own computers.

The official website focuses on a set of free apps that encrypt communications or hide their source. They're calling it the Privacy Pack.

Much of the technology listed in the pack is not new, what is new is the push to get the masses to use them. This is an interesting concept, not from an individual standpoint so much as from a herd immunity standpoint.

If only used by a small number of people, these apps probably wouldn't present much of a barrier to the NSA. For example, we already know that the U.S. government is actively monitoring the Tor network and is creating thousands of fake accounts in order to establish the identities of those using it. But applied on a large scale, with users encrypting the majority of their communications from end to end, this would inherently slow the NSA down and make it much harder for them to maintain a 360 degree view of our online activities.

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Assad Wins Syrian Elections by a Landslide - International Observers Claim No Violations - Washington Balks


From a nation of Clean Election Results, with No Rigging, how dare the Washington Rig Masters meddle more.

The answer from Syria is clear. Get the F*** out of Syria and STOP arming Terrorists.

The U.S. government's reaction to the Syrian elections demonstrates their utter contempt for democracy.

SCG News
5 June 2014

 On June 3rd, the Syrian people went to the polls to choose a president. Voter turnout was very high (over 73% in spite of interference from the U.S. backed rebels). Bashar al-Assad won by a landslide, taking 88.7% of the vote, international observers reported no violations.

Washington and the corporate media have of course dismissed the outcome, demonstrating yet again that when they talk about spreading democracy, what they are really talking about is regime change. The only elections that count are the ones that put cooperative, western puppets in power. The Syrian people have made it clear that they aren't interested in becoming a vassal state like Afghanistan or Iraq.

In Ukraine, where the provisional government was actively bombing the east, and murdering protesters in Odessa, the U.S. gave their stamp of approval on the presidential elections. Ukraine's official voter turnout (63%), which was significantly lower than Syria's, and Poroshenko's share of that turnout was just 55%. By the numbers, the Syrian elections are far more credible, however the numbers don't matter for Washington (nor do human rights for that matter). Washington has doubled military aid to Kiev in spite of its ongoing shelling of residential centers in Lugansk and they have continued to arm and fund the Syrian rebels in spite of the fact that a U.N. investigation found that it was the rebels who were responsible for the sarin gas attacks in 2013.

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Forbes’ Gold Fix for the U.S. Economy

As a Gold Standard case it's fine - BUT!

Look at the volume of Gold needed. Or reflate Gold prices!

STOP funding Agencies, the Fed Programs and the Cabal by false Racketeering. Cut the Agencies and Military by 50% and build the damned economy. Mass fire the Boys with their Toys! They and the Zionist Roach Bankers are the real Enemy.

Image: Reuters

Fox Business
By Elizabeth Macdonald
6 June 2014

The chairman of one of the country’s top financial magazines and former presidential candidate Steve Forbes’ new warning that the Federal Reserve’s elephant gun of a loose dollar policy could trigger an economic meltdown shouldn’t be ignored.

Just take a look at the warning signs already in the headlines around the globe below.

Forbes advises a return to a “gold standard” as the only way to avoid disaster in his new, must-read book, Money: How the Destruction of the Dollar Threatens the Global Economy -- and What We Can Do About It, co-authored by the always sharp Elizabeth Ames (McGraw Hill, May 2014).

The U.S. central bank’s "vastly misguided monetary policies are now setting the stage for a new economic and social catastrophe -- one that could rival the financial crisis and horrors of the 1930s,” Forbes wrote, adding that U.S. economic success and prosperity will come only if the dollar is fixed to gold and not subject to the Fed’s arbitrary liquidity hydrants.

A gold standard would “lower interest rates,” provide for “cheaper capital” and lead to “gangbuster growth,” Forbes says, adding: “If the American economy had the growth rates it once achieved under a gold standard, it would be three times -- instead of two times -- the size of the Chinese economy today.”

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Google planning to launch $1bn constellation of 180 satellites, say reports

As per our main article (here), this is an indication of the steps needed for effective Global communication.

One of O3b's satellite arrays being transported

Fleet of low-orbit spacecraft would join the company's solar-powered drones

The Independent
By James Vincent
2 June 2014

Google is planning to launch a constellation of 180 satellites as part of its drive to increase internet connectivity around the world, say reports from the Wall Street Journal and Space News.

Sources familiar with the subject told the WSJ (paywall) that although no plans had been finalised, Google was looking to spend between $1bn and $3bn on a fleet of small satellites that would operate out of low orbit.

The project is reportedly being led by Greg Wyler, the founder of a satellite start-up named O3b Networks that launched their first four craft into space in June 2013. O3b stands for ‘other three billion’ – the portion of the population “denied broadband access for reasons of geography, political instability and economics”.

In addition to this, Space News also reported that Google is looking to recruit a separate firm known as L5 or World Vu Satellites that have secured the rights to a portion of the radio spectrum that could be used to deliver internet connectivity through any satellites.

If Google’s plans come to fruition then the spacecraft would join its potential fleet of solar-powered drones (secured with the acquisition of Titan Aerospace in April this year) and put the search giant in direct competition with Facebook.

In March 2014 the world’s largest social network announced that it was working on its own plans to deliver internet to the world’s ‘offline’ population through a combination of drones, satellites and lasers.

Although it’s thought that both companies want to recruit more internet users (and thus vast new markets for advertisers), the affordability and long-term sustainability of their plans have been questioned.

Tech journalist David Meyer notes that both companies can throw money at these projects to establish internet connections but maintaining these over a long period of time without a plan for profitability is much more difficult.

“Even assuming that Google and Facebook want to offer free connectivity because they want to capture a generation of eyeballs and become the funnel for all that lovely future ad revenue, they’d have to wait a very long time before they see a return on their investment,” writes Meyer.

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The Purchase Of Our Republic

Fact, those who chose to sit on their Butts and take it, will get marched into the night as the Tri Laterals Population Reduction Program builds up. Life is not free. Earn the right to be Free!

Submitted by P.

of two minds
By Y. Falkson
4 June 2014

Today I am publishing a comprehensive and important guest essay, The Purchase of Our Republic, by longtime correspondent Y. Falkson.

~ Charles Hugh Smith

Americans know that something is wrong, deeply wrong. They see signs of the problem everywhere: income inequality, growing concentration and power of mega corporations, political donations/corruption, the absence of jobs with decent salaries, the explosion of the US prison population, healthcare costs, student loan debt, homelessness, etc. etc.

However, the true causes and benefactors behind these problems are purposely hidden from view. What Americans see is Kabuki Theater of a functioning form of capitalism and democracy, but beyond this veneer our country has devolved into the exact opposite.

Those who benefit from this crony capitalist state go to extreme lengths to paper over the reality and convince Americans that the system works, the American Dream is still a reality and that American democracy is in fact democratic.

Below I hope to begin to outline some of the underlying dynamics and trends that have evolved in recent decades and led us so far from what we once were. As fun as it would be, the answer is not some evil conspiracy by the Illuminati, but rather the unfortunate result of three long term and mutually reinforcing components that have been attacking the fundamental roots of the structure of our Republic.

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Jim Willie Bombshell: China & Russia Have Accumulated Over 40,000 Tons of Gold Reserves for USD Replacement!

Why is it only the American Government has not see this coming? Are they all too busy looting the store?

Silver Doctors
7 June 2014

In the first of two EXPLOSIVE interviews with SD, Hat Trick Letter editor Jim Willie gave some of his BOLDEST & MOST SHOCKING PREDICTIONS EVER for SD listeners:
  • Willie dissects the Holy Grail Gazprom gas deal, which he states is an OPEN DOOR for the dumping of Treasury bonds in exchange for energy
  • Russia Liquidating T-bonds through Euroclear in Belgium to acquire gold
  • Big Surprise Coming for London Boys: Frankfurt to Become Financial Hub For All of Europe & Asia- Willie reveals insider details
  • Large sovereigns (Russia, China, India, Saudi Arabia) now working together to source massive gold reserves for gold-backed USD replacement
  • China & Russia Have Accumulated Over 40,000 Tons of Gold Reserves for USD Replacement!!

Jim Willie’s Full MUST LISTEN interview with The Doc is below:

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'Obama and his aides have lost their minds'

When does this nightmare end and Impeachment begin?

Allen West lays out his case for impeachment

By Bob Unruh
5 June 2014

Former Republican Rep. Allen West two days ago called for President Obama’s impeachment over his decision to swap five known terror leaders for a soldier whose behavior is under investigation, arguing Obama apparently violated U.S. law forbidding material aid to terror groups.

Nevertheless, Obama defended his decision Thursday, saying he offered no apologies for releasing five Guantanamo detainees – who had been determined to be too dangerous to be freed – in exchange for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who has been accused of desertion.

West, in a promotion for his political action committee, took aim at Obama’s unapologetic stance.

“Obama and his aides have lost their minds,” he said in an email for the Allen West Guardian Fund.

West’s outrage reverberated throughout his comments.

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