Rolf Harris trial jurors given a break after asking judge for directions

Hiding away from public scrutiny is the Rolf Harris trial. Now the Jury is out and deliberating. If he is found guilty, it creates the springboard to go for the throat on what is clearly a mountain of hidden dirt in Child Abuse from Westminster out.

So, for wives of these creeps, be aware and afraid. If Harris goes down, we are coming for them. We will create a Tsunami of retribution and both Police and ex Governments plus Social Services will get full Public spotlights.

MSM and MP's wake UP and get them! Do you Jobs!

Rolf Harris leaves Southwark Crown Court. Photograph: National Pictures/Nick Edwards

Jury members seek advice on what will happen if they fail to reach a unanimous verdict

The Guardian
By Australian Associated Press
21 June 2014

Jurors in the trial of Rolf Harris have been sent home for the weekend after asking the judge what happens if they are unable to reach a unanimous verdict.

The 12 jury members first retired on Thursday and continued their deliberations on Friday afternoon. So far they have been out for six hours.

They asked Justice Nigel Sweeney three questions on Friday, including what steps they could take if they were unable to reach a unanimous verdict.

"At the moment the only verdict on each count I can accept from you is one upon which you are all agreed," the judge said in reply.

However, Justice Sweeney noted that position could change, in which case he would give "further directions".

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Who will speak for the abused? OWoN, your site, DOES!

A focused and dedicated national campaign is emerging led by the people, not Ministers, so as soon as the Rolf Harris scandal goes to Jury Verdict, we can go for the throat.

The number of MP's that are now backing an independent inquiry into child sex abuse is now at 59.

This number will jump considerably. This is a grass roots campaign using social media such as twitter. Every MSM news agency has been approached, the BBC showed some interest when it was 7 MP's.

Not one MSM Presstitute has printed this news.

~ author's name withheld

Every MP asked to back an inquiry into organized child sex abuse

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True scandal of the child abusers

Separatists Reject Ukraine Cease-Fire

The Big Dogs are being prepped to unleash.

The game heightens and the overlapping moves in Iraq, Syria and the Ukraine converge.

Pro-Russian troops prepare to travel in a tank on a road near the town of Yanakiyevo in eastern Ukraine, Friday, June 20, 2014.

Voice of America
21 June 2014

Pro-Russian separatists rejected a unilateral cease-fire declared by Ukraine's newly inaugurated president, casting doubt on the new effort to end the conflict in the country's east that has killed hundreds.

Ukraine's border guard service said rebels attacked one of its posts in the Donetsk region overnight, hours after President Petro Poroshenko ordered the halt in fighting. At least three guards were injured, the agency said.

The cease-fire announced Friday was the latest attempt to try to tamp down the fighting that has seen Russian-backed fighters seize towns and arsenals around Donetsk and eastern regions over the past two months.

Poroshenko's order told Ukraine's military and security forces to halt operations for seven days and urged rebels to lay down their arms.

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The Roving Eye | Burn, Men in Black, burn

Maybe nothing will change until the US gets hit at home for a change. It's all vile, ugly and disgusting.

image source

Asia Times
By Pepe Escobar
20 June 2014

Let's cut to the chase. As in chasing that Zara outdoor summer collection, complete with state of the art assault rifles, brand new white Nike sneakers and brand new, unlimited mileage white Toyotas crossing the Syrian-Iraqi desert; the Badass Jihadis in Black.

Once upon a (very recent) time, the US government used to help only "good terrorists" (in Syria), instead of "bad terrorists". That was an echo of a (less recent) time when it was supporting only "good Taliban" and not "bad Taliban".

So what happens when Brookings Institution so-called "experts" start blabbering that the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) is really the baddest jihadi outfit on the planet (after all they were cast out of al-Qaeda)? Are they so badass that by warped newspeak logic they're now the new normal?

Since late last year, according to US government newspeak, the "good terrorists" in Syria are the al-Qaeda spinoff gang of Jabhat al-Nusra and (disgraced) Prince Bandar bin Sultan, aka Bandar Bush, the Islamic Front (essentially a Jabhat al-Nusra multiple outlet). And yet both Jabhat and ISIS had pledged allegiance to Ayman "the doctor" al-Zawahiri, the perennial gift that keeps on giving al-Qaeda capo.

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ICE shipping planeloads of illegal immigrants to Massachusetts

Well who the hell knows better how to disappear into the system with multiple illegal ID Numbers, false passport declarations, and even get an American State Job Illegally than master Chicago Con Man O himself. The Bribe taker who covered up Bidens Bribe taking from Clinton, she who would run next in the sewer which is Washington. Follow me says O, look where it got me, Hell these clowns even gave me the Presidency instead of the Wall Mart Shelf Stacking job I was suitable for.

Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston

BizPac Review
By Cheryl Carpenter Klimek
16 June 2014

A Boston TV station has discovered that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been flying planeloads of illegal immigrants to Massachusetts over the past couple of weeks.

ICE officials confirmed to Fox 25 on Friday that at least six commercial, agency-owned charter flights have transported detainees to the Boston area. The agency told the station that moving detainees from the southern borders to other areas of the country is routine.

“There are a number of concerns,” said Jessica Vaughn spokesperson for the Center for Immigration Studies, adding that the crisis at the border is distracting U.S. agencies from their regular mission to deport illegal immigrants convicted of crimes.

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Ukraine says it will 'remove need' for South Stream pipeline

More in the Ukraine saga for power and control.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Kyiv, April 2014. [US.Embassy Kyiv Ukraine/Flickr]

20 June 2014

Ukraine's parliament agreed yesterday (19 June) to discuss a bill to allow gas transit facilities to be leased on a joint venture basis with participation from firms in the European Union or United States.

Ukraine would hold 51% and foreign partners would be offered 49% in the venture, which would manage both transit pipelines and underground gas storage facilities.

Suffering a third cut-off of natural gas supplies from Russia in under nine years, and with political relations in crisis, Ukraine is desperate to become less dependent on Russian gas, but at the same time to provide more reliable transit for the Russian gas that Europe needs.

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Secret trade agreement covering 68 percent of world services published by WikiLeaks

So, WikiLeaks will leak again. Why so long?

Reuters / Toru Hanai

19 June 2014

The text of a 19-page, international trade agreement being drafted in secret was published by WikiLeaks on Thursday as the transparency group’s editor commemorated his two-year anniversary confined to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Fifty countries around the globe have already signed on to the Trade in Service Agreement, or TISA, including the United States, Australia and the European Union. Despite vast international ties, however, details about the deal have been negotiated behind closed-doors and largely ignored by the press.

In a statement published by the group alongside the leaked draft this week, WikiLeaks said “proponents of TISA aim to further deregulate global financial services markets,” and have participated in “a significant anti-transparency manoeuvre” by working secretly on a deal that covers more than 68 percent of world trade in services, according to the Swiss National Center for Competence in Research.

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"De-Dollarization" Continues - China Starts Direct Trade With UK

Can it be any clearer what is happening to the US dollar? England and China have started to dump the dollar in trade. Each time this occurs both demand and velocity of dollars in circulation is lessened. Allies are leaving the sinking ship.

Zero Hedge
By Tyler Durden
19 June 2014

Following the initial de-dollarization meeting, there has been a slew of anti-dollar moves around the world (including Gazprom's shift of 90% of its clients to non-dollar payments). However, on the heels of the "anti-dollar alliance" discussions yesterday, DW reports that China would start direct trade between the renminbi and the British pound on Thursday. China's Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS) confirmed Sterling and yuan would be directly swapped without using the US dollar as an intermediary.

Via DW,

China's Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS) said Wednesday the Asian nation would start direct trade between the renminbi and the British pound on Thursday.

Sterling and yuan would be directly swapped without using the US dollar as an intermediary, the trade platform noted.

"The move will promote the bilateral trade and investment between China and the United Kingdom and facilitate the use of renminbi and pound in the cross-border trade settlement," CFETS commented.

China has long had direct currency trade with the US and has recently added Japan's yen, the Australian, New Zealand and Canadian dollars, Russia's ruble and the Malaysian ringgit to its options.

Wednesday's announcement came during a visit to the UK by China's Prime Minister Li Keqiang and after the signing of various bilateral business contracts.

Britain for its part has been looking to make London a European hub for overseas yuan trading in competition with Frankfurt and Paris. China's central bank announced Wednesday that a subsidiary of China Construction Bank had been chosen to undertake yuan clearing business in London.

Still - there's always Iraq to trade USDs with...

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Possible Ukranian Nuke Terror Cell Arrested in Texas

Dangerous desperate people make strange bedfellows, often leaving an unpleasant taste. So let's get it exposed more. Face down the issues.

Veterans Today
By Gordon Duff
18 June 2014

Three Ukranian special forces affiliated with groups working in concert with the US embassy in Kiev were arrested in Texas after crossing over from Mexico. We watch with interest as the US government is expected to try to push this one under a rug.

The following are notes, some in public domain, some part of highly classified evaluation reports. The subject is nuclear weapons. As VT has always been, if anything, over represented with nuclear weapons designers, chemical engineers and nuclear weapons specialists, we have found the bizarre mythology about nuclear weapons to be a danger to the public.

If you are looking to build a weapon, go elsewhere. If you already have one or more and want to keep them safe, we can help.

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Chinese army think-tank says gas resources in Arctic region would help economy

And you think they are not looking at the Arctic? Competition is building.

(Oil and gas resources in Arctic are important resource to guarantee China's sustained economic growth and country should actively look at developing it.)

The Economic Times
By Reuters
18 June 2014

BEIJING: Oil and gas resources in the Arctic are an important resource to guarantee China's sustained economic growth and the country should actively look at developing it, state media on Wednesday cited a Chinese military think-tank as saying.

The Arctic Council agreed in May last year to admit emerging powers China and India as observers, reflecting growing global interest in the trade and energy potential of the planet's Far North.

The organisation, which coordinates Arctic policy, is gaining influence as sea ice thaws to open up trade routes and intensify competition for oil and gas - estimated at 15 per cent and 30 per cent respectively of undiscovered reserves.

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Android Smartphone Shipped With Spyware, Embedded In Firmware By Chinese Manufacturer

You knew this was coming and why bother competing for snooping data like the western agencies do when you can just have the phone do it for you and be ahead of the snoopers. Blackberry and Apple are still the most secure phones with Blackberry have the edge. But then, with over 2000 patents in security, one expects this.

Image: G Data

Ideas, Inventions And Innovations
By Alton Parrish
21 June 2014

G Data discovers dangerous computer malware in firmware of android device and it cannot be removed.

For the first time ever, the experts at the German security vendor have discovered a smartphone that comes with extensive spyware straight from the factory. The malware is disguised as the Google Play Store and is part of the pre-installed Android apps. The spyware runs in the background and cannot be detected by users.

Unbeknownst to the user, the smartphone sends personal data to a server located in China and is able to covertly install additional applications. This makes it possible to retrieve personal data, intercept calls and online banking data, read emails and text messages or control the camera and microphone remotely.

The affected model "N9500" is produced by the Chinese manufacturer Star and looks very similar to a smartphone from a well-known manufacturer. It is not possible to remove the manipulated app and the spyware since they are integrated into the firmware. Large online retailers are still selling the Android device at prices ranging from 130 to 165 euros and distributing it across Europe.

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Marine conservation pace far too slow

This is one further area we need to allocate investment into following the release of the PPs.

NVO News
21 June 2017

Marine conservation pace is far too slow at the moment. Conservationists are criticizing the government on the issue.

The UK government is under attack for its failure to take the right steps for marine conversation. The issue has snowballed into controversy with some MPs chiding the government for its “slow pace” of moves to protect the UK’s seas.

A report on marine protected areas too has been published in which the committee has expressed its displeasure over the turn of event. “This slow pace has been disappointing and suggests a lack of Government commitment to this initiative,” it reported. Moreover, the government has been suggested to take a few precautionary steps to address the issue.

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Bush & Blair: Blackmailed pedophiles or just war criminals?

As the market is questioning the morality of Political Leaders, its as well to consider these allegations. Pretty damning if true.

Veterans Today
By Kevin Barrett
21 June 2014

Today, after more than a million dead and several millions exiled, as the “too extreme for al-Qaeda” ISIL is grabbing more and more of Iraq, the question once again arises:

Why did George Bush and Tony Blair drag us into the Iraq quagmire?

They told us it was about Saddam’s WMD. But that was a preposterous lie. Bush even camped it up about looking for WMD under his desk. He thought it was fabulously hilarious that anyone had ever believed in Iraqi WMD.

So what was the real reason for the Iraq war?

Some say oil. But that seems dubious, since big oil lobbied hard against the Iraq invasion, fearing it would destabilize their business.

Others say Israel. That makes more sense; the Zionist lobby was the main force pushing for war in Iraq. But how can a sh*tty little country like Israel force a superpower to do its bidding?

One way is by blackmailing politicians. And in Bush and Blair, they had plenty of opportunity.

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75 exposed after bioterrorism researchers accidentally send live anthrax to low security lab

So, does it take an Irish news item to expose gross incompetence in Lab testing and the huge risk this IDIOT unleashed upon potential victims. Start by sacking those responsible. Start by Congress getting of its Arse and acting for once!

It is a Friday the 13th Dr Paul Meechan will not soon forget.
20 June 2014

On that night last week, bioterrorism researchers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) discovered they had mistakenly sent live anthrax virus out to fellow scientists in two lower-security clearance labs at the agency, instead of what they thought were harmless samples of the deadly pathogen.

The initial safety lapse occurred in the CDC's Bioterror Rapid Response and Advanced Technology laboratory, a high security lab that was trying out a new protocol for inactivating anthrax, using chemicals instead of radiation.

In an interview, the CDC's Meechan described some of the events that led to the discovery that as many as 75 agency staff had been exposed to live anthrax. The CDC first disclosed the incident to Reuters on Thursday.

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UPDATE 1-CDC anthrax scare raises worries in U.S. Congress about lab safety

So what will Congress do about Lab Safety now? How about a start by firing the clown responsible?

A microscopic picture of spores and vegetative cells of Bacillus anthracis which causes the disease anthrax is pictured in this undated file photograph. REUTERS/Files

By David Morgan
21 June 2014

A growing anthrax scare at three government laboratories is drawing scrutiny from Congress about whether the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has the appropriate safety procedures in place to protect federal employees from contamination.

Oversight committees in both the Senate and the House of Representatives are weighing whether the potential exposure of 84 people to one of the deadliest strains of anthrax at CDC facilities in Atlanta could merit formal congressional hearings, aides said.

One of the panels, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, is "closely monitoring" the situation and early next week "will make a formal request to CDC Director Tom Frieden for additional follow-up information," said Allison Preiss, a spokeswoman for Democratic Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa, the panel's chairman.

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US penalises Malaysia for shameful human trafficking record

Human trafficking is Slavery and the worst of man's attrition against fellow mankind and children. It needs focus and elimination.

Continued failure to curb traffickers prompts US to downgrade Malaysia in its annual Trafficking in Persons report

The Guardian
By Kate Hodal
20 June 2014

The US has downgraded Malaysia to the lowest ranking in its annual human trafficking report, relegating the southeast Asian nation to the same category as Zimbabwe, North Korea and Saudi Arabia. The move could result in economic sanctions and loss of development aid.

Malaysia's relegation to tier 3 in the US state department's Trafficking in Persons (TiP) report – published on Friday – indicates that the country has categorically failed to comply with the most basic international requirements to prevent trafficking and protect victims within its borders.

Human rights activists in Malaysia and abroad welcomed the downgrade as proof of the government's lax law enforcement, and lack of political will, in the face of continued NGO and media reports on trafficking and slavery.

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