Occult Message | speech by Christine Lagarde of IMF

So Christine wants to call on a whole new Special Force to fight the Cabal.

Report: Israel tells U.S. it would act to save Jordan from Islamists

What a crock! Israel wants to use Jordan now as the Buffer zone to stop the coming Militarization of Islamic forces who will simply remove them from Arab lands, by lethal force.

What a gig, neocons fund both sides so that if you end fighting with yourself the military complex wins.

All this while American infrastructure rots due to neglect of funding.

Let Israel- GO!

A Jordanian soldier near the Al-Karameh border point with Iraq on June 25, 2014. Photo by AFP

The jihadist threat to Jordan and possibility of Israeli involvement is of grave concern to the Obama administration, the Daily Beast reports.

28 June 2014

Israeli diplomats have told their American counterparts that Israel would be prepared to take military action to save the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan if it came under attack by jihadist militants, the Daily Beast reported on Saturday.

The threat posed to Jordan by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) which has already taken over wide swathes of Iraq and Syria, is of deep concern to the Obama administration and was the subject of a confidential briefing by administration officials to senators last week, according to the online news site.

The chief concern is that an attack on Jordan would inevitably drag Israel and possibly the United States into the fighting.

“Jordan could not repel a full assault from ISIS on its own at this point,” one senator was quoted as saying. Jordan "will ask Israel and the United States for as much help as they can get.”

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The EU solidarity clause is leading to a militarisation of home-affairs policy

The slow creep of NWO fascism in the EU. One has to know that the most powerful will use this to enforce policy in the weakest countries within the EU with authority.

Britain must get the hell out.

Andrej Hunko
27 June 2014

“On Tuesday, the representatives of the EU Member States in the Council adopted a decision on the so-called ‘solidarity clause’. Were a disaster or a loosely defined crisis to occur, the organs of the European Union would be obliged to assist using all the instruments at their disposal. This includes military resources”, warned Member of the Bundestag Andrej Hunko.

The proposal on ‘arrangements for the implementation by the Union of the Solidarity Clause’ was jointly presented by the Commission and the EU High Representative in 2012. A country can invoke the “solidarity clause” if a crisis “overwhelms its response capacities”. Mention is made of operational, policy and financial instruments and structures.

Andrej Hunko continued:

“The adoption at the General Affairs Council took place in secret: the point was not mentioned on the agenda of the meeting. The press was not informed. Yet this is one of the most controversial clauses contained in the EU treaties. That is precisely the reason why agreement on the details of the solidarity clause was postponed to a later point at the time of the signature of the Lisbon Treaty.

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Turkey Ready To Accept Kurdish State in Northern Iraq

Why not, grab a slice of oil revenue with a pipe. All thanks to Bush and Blair. Another fine mess.

Kurdistan Regional Government President Massoud Barzani listens to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry as he gives a statement to the media before a meeting at the presidential palace in Arbil, the capital of northern Iraq's Kurdistan autonomous region.  Reuters

International Business Times
By Jack Moore
28 June 2014

Turkey's ruling party has indicated that it is ready to accept an independent Kurdish state in what is currently northern Iraq following the charge of Islamist militants through the country's northern regions.

"In the past an independent Kurdish state was a reason for war [for Turkey] but no one has the right to say this now," Huseyin Celik, a spokesman for the ruling AK party, told the Financial Times.

"In Turkey, even the word 'Kurdistan' makes people nervous, but their name is Kurdistan," he added.

"If Iraq is divided and it is inevitable, they are our brothers . . . Unfortunately, the situation in Iraq is not good and it looks like it is going to be divided."

A Kurdish state is viewed in Ankara as a possible buffer against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) which has shown the threat the group poses to regional security following the capture of Mosul and Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit.

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Divide and Rule: US State Dept Plan to Split Iraq Along Sectarian Lines

A very rapid assessment of what is occurring. Dinarians?

21st Century Wire
By Andrew Mckillop
28 June 2014

The latest ‘ISIS Crisis” has once again flung the Middle East into a period of chaos and flux, but pay close attention to how the narrative is pushed down the timeline…

When you press the talk button, will that very special crowd of American commentators (always poised to launch a new MSM conspiracy theory) ever tell you that the US State Department and the Pentagon want the fall of Iraq’s el-Maliki regime?

The general rule of thumb is that Washington can never be friendly with a Middle East democracy or non-Monarchy for very long. Today, Washington says it “wants to work with the gov’t in Baghdad”, but fast forward down the road a month or two and the narrative will change to: “The Maliki gov’t is puppet gov’t of Tehran and must go”. They want to divide Iraq into Shia and Sunni camps engaged in constant sectarian warfare.

There are many side-bar conversations going on right now. The ‘conspiracy crowd’ (aka Alternative Media) – always reflecting credit on the devious all-knowing American elite that most of these commentators pretend to hate – are rushing to tell us that the ISIS onslaught in Iraq “was all planned by the State Department”. The reality may be more complex than this. There are multiple players, and many pieces in play: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan, Israel, US, UK,France, Russia et all - it’s Zbigniew Brzezinski’s the Grand Chessboard on Acid, and highly volatile.

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Nasa's 'flying saucer' splashes back down after test

So much for US advanced technology when they can't even plan a parachute to open correctly. What a crock.

Nasa's 'flying saucer', testing technology designed to aid future landings on Mars, suffers 'hard landing' when descent parachute doesn't employ fully

The Telegraph
29 June 2014

A saucer-shaped Nasa vehicle testing new technology for Mars landings made a successful rocket ride over the Pacific on Saturday, but its massive descent parachute only partially unfurled.

The Low Density Supersonic Decelerator was lifted by balloon 120,000 feet into the air from the Hawaiian island of Kauai. The vehicle then rocketed even higher before deploying a novel inflatable braking system.

But cheers rapidly died as a gigantic chute designed to slow its fall to splashdown in the ocean emerged tangled.

NASA officials were nonetheless satisfied with the test of technology that might one day be used to deliver heavy spacecraft – and eventually astronauts – to Mars.

Since the twin Viking spacecraft landed on the red planet in 1976, Nasa has relied on the same parachute design to slow landers and rovers after piercing through the thin Martian atmosphere.

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