There may have been establishment cover-up of child abuse claims to 'protect the system', says Lord Tebbit

So, 2 issues. Norman confirms cover ups took place.

But for Red Ed you grandstanding little Tyke playing opportunism games demanding investigations, will you reveal your Labour (Democrat) Lord now facing 12 cases of sexual molestation of minors, or shall we? Well, you Nasal snotty nosed half wit, how about YOU outing him? You have a weeks or we blow his cover. You do the crime, you do the time!

Every sordid one of you will be exposed. Time is up.

Now the main case today. There may have been establishment cover-up of child abuse claims to 'protect the system', says Lord Tebbit.

The former Tory party chairman claimed there was a mindset in the 1980s which has been to shown to have gone "spectacularly wrong" because incidents of abuse grew. OK so lets take them down now. No mercy. Jail the lot!

A dossier of allegations of abuse was first passed to then-Home Secretary Leon Brittan (left) by Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens in 1983, but it has been lost or destroyed

  • Ex-Tory party chairman says it was 'more important to protect the system'
  • Says it was 'spectacularly wrong' because the abuses have 'grown'
  • Government says 114 secret files on paedophile cases have gone missing
  • Labour MP Keith Vaz condemns loss of files on an 'industrial scale'
  • Four new cases of alleged child abuse are to be investigated by the police
  • Top lawyer to investigate handling of dossier alleging paedophile activity
  • Dossier was passed to Home Secretary Leon Brittan but subsequently lost
  • Government refuses to order an Hillsborogh-style wide-ranging inquiry

Mail Online
By Matt Chorley
6 July 2014

Former Tory party chairman Lord Tebbit 
claimed there was a mindset in the 1980s 
to protect the system
The Thatcher government may have orchestrated an Establishment cover-up of child abuse by senior politicians, Lord Tebbit claimed today.

The former Tory party chairman claimed there was a mindset to ‘protect the system’ which has been to shown to have gone ‘spectacularly’ wrong because incidents of abuse grew.

The Home Office has ordered a full-scale legal inquiry into claims of an Establishment cover-up, after admitting it has lost 114 files including a dossier relating to allegations of abuse.

David Cameron is to appoint a top lawyer to investigate the Government’s handling of a dossier alleging high-level paedophile activity.

The file was first passed to Home Secretary Leon Brittan by Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens in 1983 – but subsequently lost.

Mark Sedwill, the Home Office permanent secretary, said a massive review of 746,000 Home Office files covering 1979 to 1999 had identified ‘573 relevant files which had been retained’. 

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Palestinian teen death: 6 Jewish suspects arrested

This poor little Palestinian boy was allegedly burned alive by Israeli tyrants. If guilty, what then?

How about handing them over to the poor boys parents? Seems fair don't you think?

Palestinian protesters throw stones towards Israeli forces (unseen) during clashes in Shuafat, East Jerusalem (AFP Photo)

Hindustan Times
By Reuters
6 July 2014

Israel has arrested six Jewish suspects in the abduction and killing of a Palestinian teenager whose death sparked violent protests in Jerusalem and Israeli Arab towns, a security source said on Sunday.

With tensions high along the Gaza border, Israel said its aircraft attacked 10 sites in the Palestinian enclave in response to persistent rocket strikes on southern Israeli towns.

But Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signalled that broader Israeli action was not imminent.

The security source gave no details about the suspects arrested in the investigation into the abduction and killing of 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khudair, other than to say they were Jewish and that police saw "nationalist motives" in the case.

There was no immediate announcement from police about the arrests.

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Leon Brittan 'questioned by police over historical rape claim'

Leon Britain, the former British Home Secretary, has now already been questioned by the Police under caution, as the Lost Files come under intense scrutiny. Police are now engaged in a get even campaign to get a few Political scalps after the bruising they have been getting .

This is only the start. It WILL go far and it WILL get very UGLY. Got that Wives and Politicos, is it coming for YOU?

Leon Brittan was understood to have been interviewed under caution last month but he was not arrested. Photograph: Richard Gardner /Rex Features

Former home secretary understood to have strongly denied accusation around incident that took place in 1967

The Guardian
By Daniel Boffey
6 July 2014

Leon Brittan, the former home secretary, was questioned by police last month over a historical allegation of rape, it was claimed on Saturday night.

Detectives were said to be investigating an allegation that Brittan, who was not an MP at the time of the alleged incident, assaulted a woman at an address in London in 1967. The Metropolitan police said: "A man aged in his seventies was interviewed under caution by appointment at a central London location in connection with the allegation. He was not arrested." The woman was over the age of 18 at the time of the alleged incident.

It is understood that Brittan strongly denied the allegation. The Independent on Sunday said he refused to comment on the claim. It quoted him saying: "I'm sorry I am not going to be able to talk about something like that."

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Ukraine: Kiev’s Ticking Time Bomb

As NATO goes so will the EU. The appalling genocide with the Neo Nazis in Kiev, shows NATOs Failings and impotence, just as in Kosovo. All the fat coffee swilling guts, posing in fancy uniforms, exposes this useless organization for the mediocrity it is. Russia will move in time and annex the lot. EU unity? Its a joke.

New Eastern Outlook
By Tony Cartalucci
7 July 2014

After a brief ceasefire, Kiev has resumed the bombardment of populated centers in the eastern breakaway provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk, both bordering with neighboring Russia. Kiev and its Western backers face a confounding dilemma – continue military operations in eastern Ukraine and create a heavily militarized opposition while racking up a troubling human rights record, or commit to a ceasefire and for all intents and purposes forfeit Donetsk and Lugansk just as Kiev has done regarding Crimea.

Ceasefire Over, Kiev’s Savagery Resumes

While the United Nations has in recent weeks reported disturbing figures regarding the civilian toll fighting in Ukraine’s east is taking, it has failed to report on or condemn Kiev’s use of military aircraft, artillery, and heavy armor that are being used on cities and towns across the region. Pictures and video emanating from eastern Ukraine depict the devastation of air raids and artillery barrages, yet the West and its various “international institutions” have categorically failed to issue the same warnings and declarations made against other governments using military force within their borders such as Libya in 2011, and Syria from 2011 onward.

While Russia’s RT is accused of “propaganda” by the West, it appears to be the only news outlet with international reach covering the fighting in eastern Ukraine. In its article, “‘Thanks, Ukraine Air Force’: Bombarded villagers accuse Kiev of killing civilians,” the savagery of Kiev’s renewed offensive is portrayed in horrifying detail. The West’s decision to ignore altogether the fighting, only to issue vague, spun narratives blaming all violence on Russia does little to counter or discredit RT’s reportage – in many ways, the West’s silence vindicates RT’s coverage.

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