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Jimmy Savile and the 9th Circle

OWoN: Now the State is snooping. Read and weep.

see video below

Jimmy Savile and the 9th Circle by Russell Burton

Obama can't seek a third term - why should Congress?

OWoN:Time to start thinking folks.

Imagine learning Barack Obama had just announced plans to seek a third term as President of the United States.

Left-wing radicals all over the country would cheer their chance to tax, spend and regulate our country into oblivion for four more years . . .

Thankfully, that nightmare won't come true. Our Constitution limits Presidents to two terms.

But if term limits are a good idea for Presidents, why not Members of Congress?

I've created a special Term Limits Now petition for you that I'm counting on you to sign IMMEDIATELY.

I'll give you the link in just a moment. But first let me explain exactly why term limits are so important.

I can already tell you, my colleagues here in Washington, D.C. are going to FIGHT my Congressional Term Limits Amendment every step of the way.

For them, politics as usual is just fine.

But for virtually everyone else I talk to across our country, it's clear career politicians have FAILED.

After years of raiding the national treasury to buy more votes for their next elections, our federal government is saddled with over $17 TRILLION in debt.

Yet cutting spending is barely even mentioned in Washington, D.C.

Instead, my colleagues are falling all over themselves to find solutions to allow them to keep up the Big Government, big spending gravy train for just a little longer . . .

Well, the politicians' gravy train is about to cause an enormous economic train wreck for our entire country - and it's one we can all see coming.

The good news is, perhaps more than anything else, your support for term limits can completely change the poisoned political culture here in Washington, D.C. once and for all.

That poison is the corruption wrought by career politicians who care more about their next elections than doing what's right for our country.

Sadly, the longer politicians stay in Congress, the worse it becomes.

Of course, there are exceptions, but they're few and far between.

I was just elected in 2010, and I'm already tired of watching my colleagues trade what principles they have left for the special interests' support in their next reelection campaign!

That's why I believe we need more citizen legislators and fewer career politicians.

So I've introduced legislation to send them all home!

My Congressional Term Limits Amendment would limit House Members to three two-year terms.

For Senators, it would be two six-year terms.

Of course, as with any Constitutional Amendment, once passed by Congress it has to be sent to the states.

But realistically, the real fight is in Congress where my colleagues will do virtually anything to keep my amendment from passing.

But they'll do it behind the scenes and in the shadows where they know they won't get their hands dirty in front of American voters' watchful eyes.

Lindell, if you want to take your country back from the iron grip of career politicians in BOTH parties, it's going to take action.

The good news is, polls consistently show between 70%-80% of American citizens support term limits.

If you and I can force the issue to the forefront of the public debate, my colleagues won't dare oppose it.

So please sign your Term Limits Petition, and if you can, please chip in a contribution of $10 or $20 today.

I will be leading the charge for the Congressional Term Limits Amendment.

But this fight will go nowhere without your support.

To overcome Washington, D.C.'s outright HATRED for strict term limits, you and I are going to have to start a massive nationwide mobilization campaign.

With your help, I'm prepared to do just that.

In fact, with your generous support, I will be able to implement a three-part plan to force the term limits issue to the national forefront, including:

Contacting up to 12 million patriots from all over the country via mail, email and phones to mobilize them to this fight;

Working the talk radio shows and TV news shows to advocate for term limits;

Launching a hard-hitting internet, radio, newspaper and TV ad blitz to "encourage" my colleagues to vote to pass my Congressional Term Limits Amendment.

Of course, none of this is possible without your support.

So, in addition to signing your Term Limits Now petition, won't you please agree to a chip in a contribution of $10 or $20 or whatever you can afford?

I didn't come to Washington, D.C. to buddy up to Big Government status quo politicians.

The reason I ran in the first place was because - like you - I'm worried about our nation's future, and I'm determined to do whatever it takes to put our country back on the right path.

We need more citizen-statesmen here in Congress who feel the same way, and fewer career politicians who are wedded to Washington, D.C. corruption.

So please sign your Term Limits Now petition and agree to chip in a contribution of $10 or $20 TODAY.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul

P.S. We need fewer career politicians in Washington, D.C. and more citizen-statesmen if we're going to solve our nation's problems.

If you agree, please sign your Term Limits Now petition IMMEDIATELY.

The truth is, my colleagues are going to fight my Congressional Term Limits Amendment every step of the way.

So I'm counting on you to help me force this issue to the forefront of the national political debate by chipping in a contribution of $10 or $20 TODAY!

If Chief Justice Roberts likes ObamaCare so much...

OWoN: We are here with you, taking the fight forward.

ObamaCare is inflicting pain across every sector of our economy.

Jobs are vanishing, premiums are skyrocketing and the enrollment rollout is continuing to turn into a colossal disaster as Americans realize what a junk product President Obama is forcing on them.

And yet Chief Justice Roberts and the rest of the gang who imposed this train wreck on our lives escape from having to live under the regulations that punish every day Americans.

If you haven't yet read my email below, I hope you'll take a few moments to do so.

After you read the email, please sign your "No Special Deals" petition right away.

If you've already signed the petition, please forward this email to as many people as possible

I'll need to mobilize millions of Americans to force D.C. to listen and establish, once and for all, that no politician is above the law so I hope I can count on you to join this fight today.

Thank you for all you do.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul

Humor | from my southern brother-in-law

Only in America.

Humor | New Government Symbol

OWoN: Well these are the heads you voted in.

The New Government Symbol For All Parties

The new government's symbol is that of a condom.

A condom allows for inflation.

Halts production.

Destroys the next generation.

Protects a bunch of dicks.

And gives you a sense of security, while you're actually being screwed!

Damn, it just doesn't get more accurate than that!

Meet Theranos, Inc. – The Blood Testing Company with Henry Kissinger and a Cadre of Military and Political “Elite” on its Board

OWoN: Now this raises more than a few questions.

Average Americans should pause and think about this.

Liberty Blitzkrieg
By Michael Krieger
22 July 2014

Kissinger deserves vigorous prosecution for war crimes, for crimes against humanity, and for offenses against common or customary or international law, including conspiracy to commit murder, kidnap, and torture.

A good liar must have a good memory: Kissinger is a stupendous liar with a remarkable memory.

- Christopher Hitchens in The Trial of Henry Kissinger

I first heard of Theranos, Inc. in the fall of 2013, when the Wall Street Journal published a piece titled, Elizabeth Holmes: The Breakthrough of Instant Diagnosis. However, it wasn’t just me. It was the first time pretty much anyone on earth had heard of the company, because despite having been founded a decade earlier in 2003, it maintained a level of secrecy more characteristic of classified military operations.

Here are some excerpts from that original article:

Ms. Holmes, a 29-year-old chemical and electrical engineer and entrepreneur, dropped out of Stanford as an undergraduate after founding a life sciences company called Theranos in 2003. Her inventions, which she is discussing in detail here for the first time, could upend the industry of laboratory testing and might change the way we detect and treat disease.

Ten years ago, Ms. Holmes was working out of the basement of a group college house, a world away from her current headquarters at a rambling industrial building in a research park just off campus. The company’s real estate was one of the few Theranos facts known to Silicon Valley, but one suggestive of the closely held business’s potential: The space was once home to Facebook, and before that Hewlett-Packard.

The secret that hundreds of employees are now refining involves devices that automate and miniaturize more than 1,000 laboratory tests, from routine blood work to advanced genetic analyses.
Theranos’s processes are faster, cheaper and more accurate than the conventional methods and require only microscopic blood volumes, not vial after vial of the stuff. The experience will be revelatory to anyone familiar with current practices, which often seem like medicine by Bram Stoker.

read more

A who's who in a few zoos - news and a history lesson

OWoN: Now we see the emerging realities, when is a Jew Not a Jew? When he's a Kazakh!

Who is Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi? From Al-Zarqawi to Al-Bagdahdi: “The Islamic State” is a CIA-Mossad-MI6 “Intelligence Asset”

Who is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?

Long-standing controversy settled – DNA shows Ashkenazim female line descended from southern and western Europe, NOT the Near East

Gaza Under Attack TV - CNN

Free Book PDF

Shlomo Sand - The Invention of the land of Israel

At the meeting in London, Shlomo Sand features and discussion with the audience the thesis of his latest book. Shlomo makes clear the falsity of the myths that seek to inculcate among the Jewish communities the idea that has always been part of the desires and goals of the Jews throughout history recovery (or achievement) of a concrete earthly territory beyond installing your state. He also clarified why the debates, although morally favorable to the existence of a single state in Palestine, believes that the solution lies today in the building of two states. However, he also emphasizes that should not be two ethnic states: one Jewish and one Arab, but two states of all its citizens. No less interesting is its questioning of the "secular Judaism".

Ukraine and MH17

Documents Emerge in Senate Hearing from William Broeksmit, Deutsche Exec Alleged to Have Hanged Himself in January

OWoN: Yet another Banker takes the walk of shame.

From left, Martin Malloy, managing director at Barclays Capital Inc.; Satish Ramakrishna, global head of prime services risk at Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.; Mark Silber, executive vice president, chief financial officer, and chief legal officer at Renaissance Technologies L.L.C.; and Jonathan Mayers, counsel at Renaissance Technologies L.L.C., are sworn in at a Senate subcommittee hearing in Washington. ANDREW HARRER / Bloomberg

Wall Street On Parade
By Pam Martens
and Russ Martens
23 July 2014

Anshu Jain, Co-CEO of Deutsche Bank, was not having a good day yesterday. First the oath-taking, subpoena-issuing Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations released a detailed email to him from William Broeksmit, the 58-year old former Deutsche risk executive alleged to have hanged himself in his London home on January 26. By the end of the day, someone had leaked to the Wall Street Journal a deeply critical letter of Deutsche Bank from the New York Fed which said that “The size and breadth of errors strongly suggest that the firm’s entire U.S. regulatory reporting structure requires wide-ranging remedial action.”

What the U.S. Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations was taking testimony on yesterday, however, was far from an “error” committed by Deutsche Bank. Both Deutsche Bank and Barclays were shown, through emails, marketing materials and witness testimony, to have set up elaborate schemes to effectively loan out their balance sheet to hedge funds to conduct billions of trades each year in trading accounts under the bank’s name, deploying massive leverage that is illegal in a regular Prime Brokerage account for a hedge fund client.

The banks got paid through margin interest, fees for stock loans for short sales, and trade executions. The hedge funds got paid not only from trading profits but also through a tricked up “basket option” offered by the banks that magically turned millions of short-term trades into long-term capital gains, saving the hedge funds about half the rate of taxes owed on the short-term trades, some of which lasted only minutes.

One hedge fund, Renaissance Technologies, was said by Senator John McCain to have ripped off the U.S. taxpayer to the tune of $6 billion in unpaid taxes on long-term capital gains.

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