Top Obama adviser: GOP prepping for impeachment

OWoN: One in 3, so 66% are brain dead? Figures!

With mid terms approaching, many participants might just go for this to be popular in their districts.

How do you impeach an Illegal? Hello???

Predicts backlash over coming 'amnesty' orders, 1 in 3 Americans support removal

By Bob Unruh
25 July 2014

There’s more talk about impeachment – only this time it’s coming from the White House.

According to a Reuters report Friday, Dan Pfeiffer, a top adviser for Barack Obama, says the president’s planned executive orders on immigration will make Republicans in Congress unhappy. Very unhappy.

The comments came at a breakfast organized by the Christian Science Monitor.

“The president acting on immigration reform will certainly up the likelihood that they would contemplate impeachment,” the report quoted Pfeiffer saying.

He said it would be “foolish” to overlook the possibility.

Pfeiffer said he can see Republicans moving toward impeachment, according to the report, “in retaliation for the immigration orders he is expected to unveil by the end of the summer.”

Pfeiffer’s remarks came a day after a House panel took the first step in filing a lawsuit against Obama over his use of executive power. It clears the way for the full House of Representatives to vote on the measure before heading out of town next week for summer recess.

The House Rules Committee voted 7-4 Thursday along party lines to authorize the lawsuit.

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., applauded the panel’s move Friday.

“We’re very concerned about the lawlessness of the administration,” Ryan said on MSNBC.

Ryan dismissed suggestions the lawsuit is not a productive way for Congress to spend its time.

“We can walk and chew gum at the same time. We can juggle a lot of bills. We’re working on border security, foreign policy, appropriations and many things at one time. So it’s not as if this displaces action on other items. … I will vote for it,” he said.

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Washington Is Escalating the Orchestrated Ukrainian “Crisis” to War

OWoN: Does Germany wait and implode, or loose and reload? For them, the party's over. As it is in the US. China will now be number one next year.

A clear warning of reality unless Germany walks the plank and leaves the Euro into the camp of China and Russia and the BRICS.

Institute for Political Economy
By Paul Craig Roberts
24 July 2014

Despite the conclusion by US intelligence that there is no evidence of Russian involvement in the destruction of the Malaysian airliner and all lives on board, Washington is escalating the crisis and shepherding it toward war.

Twenty-two US senators have introduced into the 113th Congress, Second Session, a bill, S.2277, “To prevent further Russian aggression toward Ukraine and other sovereign states in Europe and Eurasia, and for other purposes.” The bill is before the Committee on Foreign Relations.

Note that prior to any evidence of any Russian aggression, there are already 22 senators lined up in behalf of preventing further Russian aggression.

Accompanying this preparatory propaganda move to create a framework for war, hot or cold with Russia, NATO commander General Philip Breedlove announced his plan for a deployment of massive military means in Eastern Europe that would permit lightening responses against Russia in order to protect Europe from Russian aggression.

There we have it again: Russian Aggression. Repeat it enough and it becomes real.

The existence of “Russian aggression” is assumed, not demonstrated. Neither Breedlove nor the senators make any reference to Russian war plans for an attack on Europe or any other countries. There are no references to Russian position papers and documents setting forth a Russian expansionist ideology or a belief declared by Moscow that Russians are “exceptional, indispensable people” with the right to exercise hegemony over the world. No evidence is presented that Russia has infiltrated the communication systems of the entire world for spy purposes. There is no evidence that Putin has Obama’s or Obama’s daughters’ private cell phone conversations or that Russia downloads US corporate secrets for the benefit of Russian businesses.

Nevertheless, the NATO commander and US senators see an urgent need to create blitzkrieg capability for NATO on Russia’s borders.

Israel and US Hit Self-Destruct

OWoN: Two complete Pariah States are playing out their own demise.

“America’s GDP, incidentally, was $16.8 trillion on World Bank numbers, and China’s was $16.2 trillion – within a whisker of knocking the US off its perch. The balance of global economic power is on a knife-edge. Tomorrow is almost today.”

When will the public realize that a shift has occurred. If one wondered why a new order is being carved out with the BRICS nations, led by China, then one only has to realize that exponential growth curve by China is accelerating while the West retracts. When you see China advance capital for infrastructure remember that they lend the money, supply the goods and labor, and collect interest from the country in question while America plays soldier games exhausting its resources.

image: State Department

Consortium News
By Dan Schechter
24 July 2014

Traditional U.S. policies – backing Israel whatever it does and assuming the dollar will remain king – are facing new challenges as Israel shocks the global conscience with its war on Gaza and emerging economic powers consider a new reserve currency, notes Danny Schechter.

For years, the term “suicide bombers” has been synonymous with terrorist attacks, especially in Israel. The idea of a martyr willing to give his life for a cause while taking out an “enemy” became a feature of modern conflict especially with resistance movements confronting modern armies.

Oddly enough, the phrase, seems to have blown back today onto Israel itself, as its military engages in a much deadlier “suicide mission,” acting like Ahab in Melville’s Moby Dick determined to slay the monster whale while killing himself.

First, there are the costs to Israel’s economy from the current offensive against Gaza. With many major airlines canceling flights, the summer tourist season has been badly damaged.

Next, Deutsche Welle reports. “The conflict has so far cost Israel’s defense budget more than a billion shekels, some 200 million euros. Eitan Avriel of the business magazine ‘The Marker’ suspects that the army will reclaim this money from the government. more than a billion shekels, some 200 million euros.

“‘The government has already allocated 400 million shekels to support the communities living along the border with the Gaza Strip,’ says Eitan. However, the greatest loss is the decline in the gross national product, he stressed, pointing out that consumption has virtually halved.”

Needless to say, these costs are hardly as dire as the ones being suffered by the people of Gaza, an overcrowded city of 1.7 million that is being destroyed with a growing loss of life. Israel’s casualties are also on the rise.

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Russia delivering weapons to Iraq

OWoN: This is comical. America bombs the crap out of Iraq, kills Iraqis, bleeds its own troops, pays financially, buys oil in USD which now goes to Russia to offset USD restrictions by selling weapons to fight another US construct also USD funded while Russia employs people making weapons. And you think war is not a racket.

Somethings just do not change.

AFP Photo/Amer al-Saadi

The Daily Star
By AF Presse
24 July 2014

MOSCOW: Russia has begun supplying military helicopters and fighters jets to Iraq, a report said Thursday, as Iraq's defense minister visited Moscow to press for equipment to thwart a jihadist offensive.

"A number of contracts with Iraq have entered into force and are being fulfilled," the Interfax news agency quoted a source in Russia's defense export establishment as saying.

Deliveries of Mi-35 helicopter gunships and Su-25 fighters that provide close air support for ground troops have begun, added the source.

Iraq also has contracts for Mi-28 attack helicopters and mobile Pantsir-S1 surface-to-air and anti-aircraft artillery systems.

Russia's ambassador to Baghdad, Ilya Mogunov, had previously said he believed up to 10 Sukhoi fighter jets would be delivered by the end of the summer.

Russia and Iraq in 2012 signed contracts worth $4.2 billion to supply 36 of the Mi-28 attack helicopters and 48 of the Pantsir units, according to Russian Technologies (RosTec) which controls their producers.

Later it signed contracts for six Mi-35 helicopters and Su-25 fighters.

Iraq's Defense Minister Saadun al-Dulaimi was in Moscow Thursday on a visit officials said was aimed at stepping up military cooperation with Russia.

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